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Biography: I am a poet of many worths An amorous quest for my heights Of many who care to listen to my thoughts I am a poet of many desires

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Alexander Adewole
Tuesday 19 March 2019


Oh Ogori the trenches civilization hold
Poured out into our knowledge foretold
Through the Omoneye high hills surrounding us
And men stretching the vital force
Do we cross the rubicon cord sold
Because our Agada hills appear in gold?
Love thy neighbor in their faces
For we have come in snatches and in phases
Through the sermon preached in the crosses
And that shall not utter in mouth curses
For forrunes hold itself in full houses
And our women shall wear them in blouses
Oh Ogori come out and tarry us from the cold
And forbear shall smile and appear in bold.

By Adewole Alexander


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