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Isaac Ezekiel
Tuesday 4 June 2024

Reminiscing From a Heart Break

I thought I had moved on from you,

But just hearing your voice on the phone brought back memories and emotions anew.

After 3 years of parting ways, I thought I would have moved on by now,

Yet here I am, wide awake, unable to sleep somehow.

Every time I catch a glimpse of you, my heart still beats,

I can't explain this strange feeling, this cycle that repeats.

Hoping you'll say hi, I can't stop going through your profile,

But perhaps you've moved on, while I'm still stuck in denial.

It's crazy to realize I still love you, despite the hurt and pain,

But I believe someday, this phase will pass, and I'll regain.

You made me lose trust and fear being loved,

Driving away those who choose to, a lesson tough to be shoved.

You broke me and made me feel foolish for loving you,

How do I move on with scars still fresh, this much is true.

I was foolish to give you my fragile heart,

Now I need healing, for I fear love's every part.

Because of you, I now view women with toxicity,

Seeing every one as capable of causing me such a calamity.

I regret ever responding to your messages, calls, or voice notes,

Listening to friends' advice to give you a chance, now a boat that floats.

If only I hadn't given you my number when you asked,

I might have been spared from this heartache that masked.

Never would I have met you, a better version of me might have been,

Free from the darkness of anxiety and depression, from the tears unseen.

And yet here I am, grappling with hurt and betrayal,

Still struggling to find myself, in a world so surreal.

Scared that I may never find love again, never get married,

Given up on love, in a sea of fears and worries buried.


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