Ezra Bature

Biography: Media Personal/Humaniatarian/A writer, poet/Editor. Food vendor, social media influencer, digital marketer

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Ezra Bature
Friday 14 January 2022

We are Journalists

We're the watchdogs of the government The voice to the voiceless The hope to the hopeless The way to your salvation The path to your righteousness The key to your pathway We're journalists! We keep you entertain We communicate to the president the people's plight We investigate the activities of corrupt leaders and make it known.. We risked our lives in the war front to cover stories We don't collect gratification One microphone changes the heterogeneous dispersed audiences view We're journalists! We make known the unknown We visualised for your eyes to see So many work behind the camera we actualised We give justice to the unjust We avoid segregation We give orientation We make many fame Their names heard beyond the universe Our content is a guide for all to follow We solve the unsolved We're wide! We breached the language barrier We make complex words simple for the layman We provide platforms for your potential You just imagine a world without communication Radio television and social media... You just imagine


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