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Bayo Akinnola
Friday 18 December 2020


The town blushed inside haze of the dusty harmattan 

Nature kept smiling at me 

Rolling down the glass

To smell the aroma 

Of a little Kankara  

The skyline met with the unending Savanah 

Transversing cars sang them some romantic horns

Breaking through the silent hays

Hays that danced in the air

And the town blushed again 

This time, shyly.

I fell in love

With the rhythmic K in Kankara! 

Like the sound of a succulent Kolanut 

Cut into two equal parts

The peace, the ambience 

Again, I fell in love 

With a nodal town 

On my sojourn to Zaria,

What a day of yore

Day when peace perched  on the Arewa tree.

'Mai Abokis' dropped their Pens

Pick Kalashnikovs and left for the bush of Sambisa

No more sitting with the Kalam

The 'Boko' is 'Haram'

Boys whisked, hundred folds

And the once sweet songs of Kankara

Turned stale

Drumming, chanting in unending cacophony;

Bring back our boys!

We've a man on the Rock of Aso

Whom his dirge we once sang

And he danced with us

At the chant of Sai baba 

Please dance with us too

This time, in this dammed song

Don't leave us in the cold

Till the sun rise tomorrow 

Dance with us

I say, dance with us!

Let your feet tap the sands of Kankara

Let gunpowder mix with the dust

Let them form a shade, bleak colour of war

Let the putrid smells drive the hays back to the air

Let them cry in the frenzy of war

Till Kankara boys are back home!

Written by: Akinbamido Yemi

Edited by: Akinnola Bayo


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