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Jimi Olusola
Tuesday 30 July 2019



At last, Pa go slow sent forth his own list,
His cabal, all tepid and punching their fists,
On board where some charlatans, suspects and saints.
Most laden with burdens and public complaints.


The Chamber, all  ready received the rag tag,
promising to screen them, uncovering some scab.
They sauntered in, one by each, bellicose, dull,
some bowed to the floor, even ready to fall.

‘Hey you, what you know bout the law of the land’?
“me think, sometimes Government must bare its big fangs”.
Another was asked ‘bout the rail ‘labaloo,
He mumbled, winked, smiled took a bow and was through.


The Counsel who headed the monstrous hydra,
Was grilled like a steak, his words stuck like lycra.
“y’all sitting here, believe, bullshit just walks,
Dig deep, look for funds, you’ll know money will talk”?

Our Amazons, pristine elegant Damsels,
Sauntered through, brimming like household mantles.
Their depth so sanguine, iridescent in style,
That the Lords of the chamber gave them a big smile.

But deep in the minds of the law makers yore,
They knew that Pa go slow had bypassed the core.
“We don’t know who’s where, but let’s manage the lot,
Cos the summer is here and we have to cool off”.


And so, our story goes on all the way,
One Nation, still trying to pick through the fray.
Yep, governance is filled with such rancid decay,
Let’s go to second base and enjoy our day.

Olujimi Olusola III

July 2019.





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