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Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Monday 9 May 2022

A Letter to my crush

Written by H2O the silence poet

A Letter to my crush

My crush is cheating on me

Thats why i  feel ! Betrayed 

Heart broken 

 this is personal affair

not be  revealed to a single  soul

I don't want to know, if she is my future wife

that I will marry in the near future 

Nancy ! Please ,don't scare me 

away my love for you is from depth of my heart. my mind is not at ease 

             You cannot pretend.

that you have not been informed, by the way I look at you

In my  dream  last night we had a conversation remember 


Such dreams are rare were you get to have a conversation with 

You crush

Oho Nancy!!,I cannot seduce 

you during the  daylight

and there is no use ,trying is like 

re-visiting the point blank ⚫ 

again,no need to be  reject again , '

When ever I see men 

walking beside you my heart brokes into Thousand of peaces 

it seems not  be true

that he is nothing but a friend,my eyes ball roll over like

My feelings

Your lifestyle is beyond boys' persuasion

of admirng you ,a pain

never to be cured like a disaster 

What Am I 

I am that brave man with gats  to approach

you,and  act like its easy for any man t

 Attention, is  all you seek 

like a formal talk,

maybe I am not talking .

you bring in the silence 

but you are the will power that is 

able to make the silence 🔕 follow 

the feelings will be felt by both my precious one 


As you walk and wave at other boys 

And gently making them feel warm 

Oho please don't cheat on me dear one 

I have never met you at a cross-road 

Cause when we cross paths am shy to meet 

You in person 

spare me the confusion.


no need for belching.

I do sleep early

to be on time in my dreams were talk 

maybe to catch your responce

in a dream,but supposedly,

you go to bed late,why do you  cheat on me?

With another 

Wen I get this chance,


        Yours faithfully 



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