Sofiat Oladuntoye

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Sofiat Oladuntoye
Sunday 7 March 2021


You will wait for me somewhere,

Those words were like dagger,

Driven through her heart to her loins.

So,after all,

She is but a use when the needful is on away,

A want in dark night in dark times,

A desire that light detest,

A passerby in his house.

She sat with hot patience on the mat,

Angrily trying not to regret her choice,

Of staying even when the odd is much.

She sat with hot patience on the mat,

Tears rolling down her cheek in wave,

Thinking about all the futile hope,

She has dare to dreamt in peaceful times.

Its all done now,

Priority has being shown,

Hers more blurrily vivid,

Its time she close the door to her heart, 

And throw the key to the shallow dept-

-of the blue black ocean behind her house.


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