Grace Adoga

Biography: A very creative youth, zealous student and poet.

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Grace Adoga
Sunday 23 July 2023

and so what!

Most youths have so many aims;

You want to get rich quick,

Be an influential person,

Be a celebrity,

Be a fine girl/boy.

It is not wrong but,

I have a question,

You tell me I can’t stay without owning a mansion at age 20

I can’t stay without beign a celebrity at age 20

And I ask,

And so what!

What next?

If I take my time get educated,

Work or employ poeple.

What is bad there?


Youths, adults, children, please

We didn’t come to this life

To have a Lamborghini or

Build a mansion.

I know we should have all of this, off course.                     

We have come to make an impact

To fulfill destiny, and

Accomplish purpose.

We have come to make a difference

We have come to reveal and glorify Jesus.


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