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Biography: My name is Joshua Makolo, mostly known as Joemaks. I'm a poet by and with passion!

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Joshua Makolo
Sunday 21 August 2022


Beauty is in the eyes of he who sees what's beautiful
That's what they say!
So when you look at me
You tend to say:

You may see a happy face
You may see a toothy grin
You may see a light in my eyes
But that is all a thin mask

I want to break down
I want to let it out
I want to stop acting like I'm fine
Because I'm NOT

Behind my smile is pain
In my eyes is a tiny spark of hurt
I hide it the best I can
Behind this daily mask

I want to break something
I want to scream for someone to hear
Will I try to bother someone?

I am a burden
I was made only to help
Not to stand in the way
It doesn't matter how I feel

I don't know why
Am I the only one that feels this pain?
Pain that makes you shake
Pain that hurts so much you CAN'T cry

I just want to be happy all of the time
God, why can't I be happy?
I'm tired of acting
I'm tired of saying I'm fine...


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