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Friday 7 January 2022

Kiss me goodnight

Many things have happened in my life

From breaking hearts to being broken

But what I never saw coming

Was you asking me to kiss you goodnight

That evening we had gone on a date

Eating and chatting happily

The proposal can wait till tomorrow

Since you demanded a goodnight kiss

I kissed you goodnight under the moon

Showering my promise of a future

But you shook your head and simply said

"Just kiss me goodnight, nothing more"

I did as you wanted with many doubts

You never asked this of me before

But when you kissed me like never before

I became lost in that goodnight kiss

You waved at me on my way home

A sad look I spotted on your face

Maybe you hated to see me go

Or was it the goodnight kiss we shared?

I came to your house early the next morning

With a ring in my hands to make you mine

But your home was totally empty

What had happened after that goodnight kiss?

I asked and was told you left for church

So off to the church I did go

A proposal even more beautiful

In a place filled with many people

Getting into the Hall with joy

The whole atmosphere in happiness

Was a couple being joined so early this morning?

Or did that goodnight kiss ruin my mind?

The couple turned and faced the church

And I froze starstrucked at what I saw

You were on the altar married to another

Was that why you asked for a goodnight kiss?

You caught my eyes and your smile ceased

You dropped your head and mouthed "sorry"

So yesterday when I gave you a goodnight kiss

You were giving me a goodbye kiss

Akpan Edy



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