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Francesca Nwalozie
Thursday 22 April 2021

A trip to insanity

Before my lungs could breathe...

Before my throat could permit...

Before my lips could part...

The words withered on my tongue

The words were thus;

"I love y….."

Or do I?

Or did I?

Maybe I'd rather not!!...

My skin aches so badly from missing your touch

Each follicle pricks against my heart

How do I cure this malady called love?

I've tasted its insanity and felt every pang of its pain 

It has bruised my heart to gold

And melted my brain to sand

So I'm left here, again,

Stuck in my head, pondering

"If I choose this day to take a trip to this insanity

Tell me, will I ever come back sane?"


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