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Abdulmalik Abdulateef
Saturday 9 September 2023

Title: Love's Embrace

Affection, oh sweet affection,

A feeling pure and true,

It wraps us up in warmth and love,

And makes our hearts anew.

A gentle touch, a soft embrace,

A kiss upon the cheek,

It shows us we are not alone,

And gives us peace unique.

Affection, it's a language,

That speaks the heart's desire,

It tells us that we matter,

And sets our souls on fire.

Through ups and downs, through good and bad,

Affection holds us tight,

It never fails to lift us up,

And light our darkest night.

So let us cherish affection,

And keep it close at hand,

For in its sweet and tender grip,

We'll find love's warmest stand.


© Abdulateef Abdulmalik (Smart Pen)


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