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Osaiga Eseiwi
Sunday 2 April 2023

The Lands Of The Niger

The youthfulness I once did feel
Now undone by an economy
How I miss my defiled innocence
And our stolen joyous ambience

The Niger lands have struck us all
Our troubles rise as our hearts fall
She steals our ingenuity
And casts us into poverty

We once did have such unity
Where everyone owned everything
A meal, a ware, a great idea
were all collective, all were shared

But now afraid of theft we curse
The neighbour who approaches us
To make a singular request
Oh how the Niger lands regressed

To modernize and be the West
The Niger lands choose decadence
Her morals dropped and standards too
She happily still plays the fool

So now our young born in this time
Grow in deceit and live a lie
Not knowing what the land once was
Corrupted by what the lands have done

And now the last the lands destroyed
Is me and what I used to be
It twisted and made my mind adjust
The lands produce immature adults

To live and thrive they work to earn
A teenage child or one turned ten
To feed the mouth, they risk their lives
And roam the streets so they'll survive

For long have I missed mother's meal
Too early I had to provide for self
We hope, we pray the lands may heal
And return to what it used to be


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