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Biography: My name is owen hamalala am from zambia Am a poet who writes from within Writing poems is something i keep doing And i also draw

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Thursday 12 May 2022

Silence Becomes Violence

Written by H2O the silent poet 

Silence Becomes Violence

The society has become blind, deaf and dumb

Its emotions have become numb  

The knights are in deep slumber

Or are in the grave

The land seems to have no brave souls 

People are robbed in broad daylight

No one dares to fight for the right

People lie for self comfort , old despised

Humanity manhandled, not revived

People see, hear but not speak 

Were phones have more value than ones soul 

This is the generation of the meek

The youth is busy in making video

Seems they have their own studio

Share the video, stare the woman

We have become unethical human

Sitas are abducted

No girl is protected

People roam without fear

Is this modernity, my dear?

Humanity is caged

But no war is waged

Listen, if you have any guts in you

Be the brave lion, not like cat that just go 



When crime spreads

Blood like water sheds

Women naked and raped

Humans chained and caged

Children fade and afraid

When lie is held high

The truth feels shy

Parents are thrown out

Criminals roam without doubt

When riots are solemn right

There is neither vision nor light at the end of the tunnel 

When youth is used

Only to be misused

When the country is in ruins

Satan and Mephistopheles are twins

When home is not safe

Even father commits rape

If you still keep the silence

This is called master violence

Silence in these times

Is the heinous crime sickening 😪 

Rise and eradicate the crime 

Reinstate the peace,in  humanity elevate

Copyright @2021


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