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Kehinde Ogundare
Saturday 23 March 2024

o I wish everything is perfect

This word of only we can fly to meet the sky

Ooo how I wish oooo wish 

If only we could talk to the ground ,tress,sky,and every non living things

When we call they can hear us 

O I wish

O I wish when I call money and it answers me

O I wish when I call food it can answer me

O I wish o I wish 

O I wish the birds in the sky can go on message for me o I wish

I wish the could wear it self 

The dress can wear it self 

O I wish the car can drive by it self

Or we can call the birds to fly  

O I wish o I wish 

 I wish my head can be turned to the back to see my heaters o I wish and I will be full with of joy

O I wish oi wish

O I wish I could call anything without anything 

Without going for my self 

O I wish oi wish

To call fish hen p



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