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Isaac Dejimodo
Tuesday 21 February 2023

A Depressed soul

The feeling of depression

What a dark feeling it infects a soul with

Life starts to make less sense 

And death makes more sense 

All good thoughts it will cleanse

And bad ones are then immense

Sadness becomes intense

Happiness becomes dense 

You view life from a short lense 

Every breath feels tense

Religion starts to look like an illusion

Positivity like pollution

You start to look for solution

"It's not possible" will be the notion

Toxicity rubs on like lotion 

The mind goes into slow motion 

Suicidal thoughts slip in 

Then the occasional sleeping

Pills start to feel soothing

The brain keeps rebooting

You start to loose footing

The devil keeps talking

Suicide still stalking

Death still lurking

You don't even know that someone's knocking

You open and it's ur pal who's mocking

Still clouded in ur mind like he's saying nothing

You stand and you feel like falling

You slump and u feel nothing

Eventually death comes and everyone's crying

Saying that the doc's lying

Buried six feet deep and body's rotten 

Wonder what good you've gotten

From depression that's worth it


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