Ruth Azenabor

Biography: The dream is to bring these pretty little words to life. And I'd love for you to join in. 💚 IG: _theruthright

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Ruth Azenabor
Friday 30 July 2021


They said it had cold hands; death.

But what I felt, was the warmth of my tears; 

Burning hot on him.

I also felt those frantic thuds, coming from my chest. 

My lungs begging to let go.


It had happened now,

And I agreed that it was over;

It wasn't so difficult accepting that point.


The only problem, was I wanted to be over as well.

There was no way I could continue alone.

We had it all planned out, Nkem and I;

And this abrupt departure of his, wasn't a part of our plan.


They began to console me, to say ndó

But it didn't stop the aching in my bones.

The realisation only hit harder.

It was then; that death's hands, started to feel cold.




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