Biography: Am Oloniyo Mayowa Joshua by name from ondo State..Am an instrumentalist I played several musical instruments.. Am into a Relationship counseling, Marriage counseling, Career counseling, Family counseling..Am a music director, a listening Teacher and a poem writer also a gospel minister.


Wednesday 14 July 2021


Your heart beats as a reminder of His heart beat for you.
For out of the abundance of His heart, man was formed because he knew you.
He knew you before he formed you and make youHis own image.
Like God; a mirror; a reflection; perfection.
A sacred connection of divinity with humanity, But slowly and surely beckon to us. 
We stepped away from our mirror and submitted to evil himself.
Oh behold a heart of stone! 
A heart full of envy, strife, and jealousy.
A heart that plots murder against his own.
Desperately in constant pursuit of wickedness .
Unlike God; a contrast;
dissimilitude; disconnection.
The first step in the journey to mortality.
What shall redeem us from this curse? 
For out of an evil heart would always come forth evil.
What shall the remedy be? 
For darkness cannot co-exist with light 
Nor death with life.
Nor hate with love 
Nor sin with God who lives forever.
The high and exalted one, 
Whose name is holy.
He put His heart in us so we might have a heart after him.
For out of His heart flows love.
Love is not a mystery
Love is intimacy
Love is continuity regardless
Love is reckless
Good intimacy with God, comes from learning the Art to love people around you.
John 3:16 talks about Reckless, selfless love.
Don't reciprocate love, Love because you are love.
God is love.


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