Omotayo Fatunbi

Biography: I am just a lover of nature, art, a scavenger roaming the earth in search of good painting, sculpture, music, movie, poetry; and I try as much as possible to add mine for others like me to pick up. Life is too short to achieve all my big heart wishes to, but I just want to make my little contribution before death claims me.

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Omotayo Fatunbi
Wednesday 22 February 2023

The Preacher

The Preacher told me that the ultimate mission

is to buy for myself a home in heaven

So I pay the tithe without omission

And I pay the offering as a toll for the gate of heaven  

Yes, I pay the seed offering

Even the first fruit offering

But I heard the preacher has built a mansion in Lekki

And bought a private jet low key

But here I sit in my bedbug infested room

In the slum of Ajegunle

Hoping my tithe and offering would build me a home in heaven.

© Omotayo Fatunbi 


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