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Bayo Akinnola
Thursday 2 May 2019

Things that I miss (Poem in four parts)

I miss the blossomed tulip flower of countryside,
And the meadows of the vast green plains.
Watching morning turns to noon
And noon turns to night
Season upon season changing baton-

Summer comes in January and
The rain starts in April till late September,
By October we start smelling the harmmatan
Putting fire to the bush, watching with excitement
As the rodents scampered for dear lives.

Oh! How i miss the songs at Christmas,
And the tales of white bearded man from Rome,
Sitting on the front pew
Those hymns coming from St. John's (the only church in our little village) in the evening
And that of neighbouring town
Bellowing through the hallowed mountains.

I miss friends whom we climb the guava trees together,
I miss Jack
I miss Jill
I miss other folks we grew and dreamt,
Some I loss because they went to the city,
Some lost me because I too went away
fate separates us; as we went our different ways
Fending for ourselves.

I miss the smoke coming from the firewood
The aroma coming from momma 's soup.
Watching next door neighbour grinding pepper on the stone
Hands coming and going
Her back swaying to and fro
Like the pendulum of an old clock,
Ho! How I miss when I was a boy.


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