Benita Okoruen

Biography: Benita Okoruen is a young Nigerian literary writer and a poet. She is an indigene of Akwa Ibom State. She is currently pushing through at the University of Uyo, where she hopes to obtain her first degree in Education and English Language.

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Benita Okoruen
Sunday 12 March 2023


For change, we write 

In sanity, we write 

In pain, we write 

In praise and glory, we write 

In times of trouble, we write 

In despair, we write 

In loss, we write 

In dilemma, we write 

In abstinence, we write 

In quest, we write 


For the "PEN" 

Heals even the broken,

Saves the captives,

Restores the lost,

Gives hope to illusion,

And strengthens the weak.


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