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Adedoyin Adewole
Wednesday 17 August 2022


Fear is a creature in the corner of my ceiling 

I look up and see it morning and evening 

Some days I ignore it

Other days I look up hoping it runs away

As I carry on with my day

I get used to your presence and I feel when you’re near 

I say hello even when I’m scared

I see you in my dreams

You crawl over me

The same way you did

When I was a kid

Making me jump off my bed

Screaming and waking up the rest

Of the people in my room

They must think I’m just a fool

But they don’t know you the way I do

One day you crawled from the ceiling to the wall

I was reading a book and listening to a song

I don’t know how I saw you but I jumped 

I was on the floor, my book was in my hand

You crawled from the wall to my pillow and down to my bag

I screamed as you moved, I couldn’t decide what to do

Then I killed you with my book

Not knowing what I felt

I lay at the edge of the bed

Wondering if that was the end

I woke up every hour of the night 

The feeling of my hair on my skin put me in a fright

Fear is like the spider in the corner of my ceiling 


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