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Biography: I am a poet with the pen name Uniqueeunice,am also a model who likes reading and writing.

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Olamide Odediran
Tuesday 8 June 2021


Dear Husband,

How are you faring

I believe you are good

I see you everyday in my dream

Smiling amorously at me

Your visually attractive face

Haunt me day and night

Smiling disarmingly

You ease my troubled nerve

Beauty they say lies in the eye of beholder

But yours lies in my sixth sense of a writer

For I paint you daily with my words

Even though we've never met

Or we pass by unknowingly 

Pages of my poem is our rendezvous 

I will not ask you to be prince charming

Riding a spotless white horse

Or Mr perfect in a tuxedo 

Neither will I ask about

Your escapades with other girls

Because they are just abálẹ́jáyán

All i ask of you,darling

Is a big heart

To accommodate  me

The patience of a snail

To bear all my excesses 

I believe you have what it takes

To be a spouse to a writer

With cascading feelings

And bizarre ideas of life

Master of language,I hope you are

Lest you become a pawn

In my game of words

Also,I suppose you get

The virtue to father those

Lovely ovum in my ovary

For they are dying to meet you

Oh!what a glorious day

The day our path will cross

The earth will receive a visitor

Who is a charming angel

Ìfẹ́ ayé mí

Oh!what a glorious day

I've been waiting for

That your presence will bless my life


Preparing yourself, I believe 

For the love task ahead of you

But I tarry not,my love

In my waiting for you

For your love  reside in me

  Till we meet to see

  Your future wife


  4th June 2021



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