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Biography: Love art mainly poetry and dance

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Goodness Ibeh
Saturday 2 May 2020


Have you wondered why the sky is so high

Or why the sea is so low

Have you thought of why every being would one day die

Or why water bodies flow

Do you know why birds fly

Or that of why farmers sow



Have you asked yourself why you are in existence 

Why you do certain things which you do

Have you thought of your essence 

Could it be fate or do you have a clue?

What could be the reason of your presence 

Or would you fade like dew

For you to stay longer do you need a licence 

Or would you fade just like some few



If you haven't asked yourself trust me I have 

I have tried to get result to all these

But I still wonder why for me to be great I must serve

And why I must suffer just to make myself please 

Why is it that for me to succeed I must find something to cleave 

And after these suffering I would one day freeze.


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