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Friday 15 May 2020

My mother

What a new dawn to behold

Loaded with packages yet to unfold

Damn!she is a priceless gem to uphold 

Beautiful and endowed with possessions worth more than gold


Who cared for me even before I was formed 

Lo! she has transformed me into a mould 

Who had sleepless night and sometimes had her properties sold 

Yet had her dignity unsold



Goodness Ibeh
Friday 15 May 2020

Life in medical school

Year 1

What if I swim in the pool of your fragrance

In the presence of all the audience

Till I no longer have balance

2nd Mb

What if it was a mistake giving you an entrance 

Anyway Shaa, I need the experience 

So that I can finally get the licence

As I walk with all radiance 

3rd Mb 

Finally, I can expose all my elegance

Do all I can now at my own convenience 

As far as I am in check with my attendance

4th Mb

Just a little consistence 

But what is really the essence 

Cause I am really loosing my patience 

5th Mb 

Finally, I will be done with this nuisance 

I mean just a little obedience 

And there will be a change in the sentence



Goodness Ibeh
Friday 15 May 2020

What is home?

Could it be a feeling or a dwelling ,

A sentiment or an apartment. 

Could it be perceived as an abode of  acknowledging or for scorning

Or is it a place of retirement or a tent.

But if it is really a feeling then why the hating 

Why do Siblings fight just over a mint?

Don't get me wrong sometimes smiles could be seen beaming

Sadly! It may be accompanied with gallons of fear or probably tint!!!

Then if we say it is a dwelling, where comes the comforting?

Lets rephrase a place for the soul to retreat #

Where can we get the utmost care when growing

Or when our tender arms become faint


What is really a home???😎🤔 



Goodness Ibeh
Friday 15 May 2020

My ex

Tick tick tick as the time flies

With regrets that makes the tears

Bleat bleat says my heart in every sunrise

As the taunt comes in with your memories


Goodness Ibeh
Saturday 2 May 2020


Have you wondered why the sky is so high

Or why the sea is so low

Have you thought of why every being would one day die

Or why water bodies flow

Do you know why birds fly

Or that of why farmers sow



Have you asked yourself why you are in existence 

Why you do certain things which you do

Have you thought of your essence 

Could it be fate or do you have a clue?

What could be the reason of your presence 

Or would you fade like dew

For you to stay longer do you need a licence 

Or would you fade just like some few



If you haven't asked yourself trust me I have 

I have tried to get result to all these

But I still wonder why for me to be great I must serve

And why I must suffer just to make myself please 

Why is it that for me to succeed I must find something to cleave 

And after these suffering I would one day freeze.


Goodness Ibeh
Friday 1 May 2020


The seed you buried in your ignorance 

Is now scenting in your absence 

It suffered nights and days under the crust

But you weren't there to help it through the dust

It suffered tension and strife

Then came rain to give it life 

It gathered its pieces while submerged 

As it struggled its way to be emerged 

Suddenly, it started growing as it saw its first bud

This was the seed of rose you threw to the mud

It acquired all it needed to be stored

The seed of rose now shares it fragrance after being ignored



Goodness Ibeh
Saturday 25 April 2020

Unspoken words

Can I be in your arms again?

Can we sit under the over head tanks as we count one to ten?

Can we run under the rain?

Can we kiss till we drain?

Can we dance like we are insane?

Can we laugh like there ain't pain?

Can we cuddle as we stain?

Can all these remain?

Can you answer my questions without delay?

Or i guess these questions will have the answers hard to obtain


Goodness Ibeh
Friday 15 May 2020

Mr president


What a pleasant surprise!

To have the most prestigious person in my house before sunrise

Can i use this opportunity to discuss  matters arise?

Or would it be a let's discuss later in the office? 

What do you have to say about herdsmen that let a whole village with cries

Or the women, in process of expansion of roads, you traumatize 

What about  certificate moving form one desk to another for where it qualifies

Or our massive trooping out to exercise the franchise

Even though we know our lives could be jeopardized

And our votes sometimes may not be maximized

What of families that face death with their naked eyes

Cause of poverty, ignorance and lack of health cares

How about our health professionals who everyday compromise

And at the end don't get a token not even half to their prize

I have to go Mr president before all I would start seeing would be tears 

But before then lemme remind you of students who spend extra years as strike glorifies




        From a concerned citizen.     z_itabb😥😥






Goodness Ibeh
Saturday 18 April 2020

My first kiss


How can I forget this day

The day my body was left with nothing to say

And my soul for minutes was flown away

Suddenly my lips were lead astray

So far from each other as he made its way

At that moment my hands froze as my lips betray

Yearning and longing for more as to allay

Tongues met on the way and  decided to stay

Eyes shut as the hands decided to make its play

Gently the heads tilted for the body to convey

In a manner of a dance especially that of ballet

It deepens this time in search for its pay

Leaving my body to shiver like a prey

Then suddenly I felt His hands move gradually before it stopped half way

Then continued again this time with more vigor as my body had no choice but to obey




Goodness Ibeh
Saturday 18 April 2020

Why should I hire you?

Good morning sirs, I am Alexis

Good morning my daughter,where are you credentials?

Sitting down I handed it over, you know the normal cycles

Wow! This is far more above her equals

As he mumbled to his colleagues 

You should have seen smiles beaming releasing my dimples

He continued, you know you are very beautiful and attractive like petals

And having this credentials plus beauty,I must say you are really more than other damsels

I felt very comfortable right now as I smiled intensely showing off my dentals 

He leaned forward and headed for my bangles

As he pulled the words" So are we playing by the rules?"

What rules I asked, you know about the car and its fuels

"Sir, please am still confused", I said while adjusting my angles

My baby girl, you know: all that  entails your genitals. 

Or probably you can spice it up with anals

That was when I knew I was up for sales

I know your credentials are good but you know some here are  better than yours, Alexis

So, Why should we hire you baby girl if you can't play the games

The ball is in your court, I would leave you to decide but you have only few seconds



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