Joshua Anayochukwu

Biography: Joshua Anayochukwu is a pensive young poet, who likes to write poems.

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Joshua Anayochukwu
Sunday 13 December 2020

Regrets, Insecurities and Fears

Life was blissful when ignorance prevailed,

Life was blissful when we knew no pain 

Times when moments were worthy,

Times filled with jolly memories

Change came, adolescence and teen,

The mind is active, the world is mean

Racing away from memories once sweet,

Memories now painful and stupid

Hating the change, we wish we could alter

Mistakes done with no knowledge whatsoever

Painful times that haunts us,

Painful times that comes in full force

Factors of our existence brings us so much shame,

Laid the basis, left us the blame

Struggles with life and storms,

Struggles with jealousy for those with all

Hopeful against gloomy expectations,

Faithful against false temptations

Fantasising miles away from reality,

Fantasising cause reality is scary


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