Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu

Biography: A renowned Poet and also a prolific writer who has contributed alot in world Poetry at large. Many of his works have been published in the sun magazine, The New Yorker, spillwords in New York, premium times Lagos, and hello poetry etc. He is currently a student of International relations in the Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno state.

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Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Saturday 11 June 2022



(My Birthday Poem)

Imagine that melodious moment

When I piped a tune for joy

The neighbors poured their comment

Hurrah, it's a He, it's a boy.

Imagine that time as I grow

Daily my knowledge gain

Imagine again if I should bow

How much knowledge will I gain?

Imagine a writer's life

Born to live in loneliness 

Sequestration brings joy to his life

Inspiration comes from his loneliness.

I have lived a lot in my time

I've crawled in my life as a child

I've seen things in my time

I've played in the mud as a child.

Imagine that now I'm a man

Today is the day I was born

One day I'll have my own woman

Perhaps a boy or a girl she would born.

One after another  we came to the earth

One after another we leave the earth

Each of us will leave whether king or pauper

None of us will stay whether doctor or lawyer.

At least I've seed some sides of life

Let me my soul count the cost

I've lived the expect life

I have gladly counted the cost.

If my saviour tarry

I hope to see many years

If He did not to tarry

At least in his service, I've enjoyed these years.

Happy birthday to me.

©Yaksport Josiah




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