Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu

Biography: A renowned Poet and also a prolific writer who has contributed alot in world Poetry at large. Many of his works have been published in the sun magazine, The New Yorker, spillwords in New York, premium times Lagos, and hello poetry etc. He is currently a student of International relations in the Nigerian Army University Biu, Borno state.

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Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Tuesday 23 February 2021


A Poem


Before I die,

I will set a good footprint

On the sand of time

For the young ones to see.


Before I die,

I will reach the unreached,

With words of life,

And strengthen the weak.


Before I die,

I will labour on earth, for the reward above

In heaven beyond the tide 

I will prepare my life to join the choir above.


Before I die,

I will let my soul to be filled with love;

As the days passes bye,

I will give for my mansion above.


Before I die,

I pray for grace to conquer sin;

I pray to die,

After fulfilling God's will.


Before I die,

I will fight the world

And all its forms

Holy Spirit be my guide


Before I die,

I will invest my life time

In doing His will

Because the longer I serve Him

The sweeter He be.


©Yaksport Josiah



Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Tuesday 23 February 2021


A Poem.

Like a swollen balloon we grew
Like a bunch of broom we were
With unity we marched in the streets
As bold as a lion we were

Like a deeply rooted palm tree
That overcomes the desert's wind
Was our culture through the ages
When unity made us win life's stages.

Hard work was our legacy
Service was our policy
Certainly it was because of unity
We sang those songs of victory

But oh, gone are those days,
When we hold unto the word which says
"Sorgah Nanbong yii tuhd lihba?
Ai sai kya kangshi mohnda"
Meaning broomsticks must be
Bound as one to sweep a place.

Now our culture is sick
Like a wounded soldier 
Down in the battlefield
Where is that love for one another?

Let's sing of greed and mad ambition
That took away our our communal living
Unity was our pride, and source of satisfaction
Our pride is like a punctured balloon with a needle. 

Ah! my people, who are we?
Oh!my people, where are we?
Are we Godless nation?
No patriots,  lets build our nation

We must arise oh comrades 
And cast useless loads 
Of pride and covetousness
To vulcanize our cultural pride
We need unity, equity, and love

God save Nigeria
God save our culture 
God safe Your people
God safe our land

©Yaksport Josiah   


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Wednesday 23 December 2020



            LEADS HOME

A Poem

Where are you, sweet innocent?

Mother said you must come home.

Where is the boy known to be decent?

Mother misses you, Oh! Come home.

Now, to the highway, I go

Searching for young Roland

For mother wants him home

Before she passes to Beulah land.

All you southern and Western traders

If you see a young  lost soul,

It's my brother, Roland

Oh, tell him 'the northern road leads home'

All you distant merchants

Tell Roland not to be aghast

For the footpath to the north

Is the road that leads home.

He must come home

And help in building the falling walls,

He must not stay there anymore,

For mother wants him home.

Tell him his home is in desolation

And now is the time for reconciliation

That we must all come home

And never again leave home.

©Yaksport Josiah


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Friday 13 November 2020


Duet by: Yaksport Josiah and Bukola Alabi.


I met someone in an unusual way
And the joy I feel will forever stay;
The Supreme is the smartest being
In making strangers meet.

There is a saying, and I believe it's true
'If you can't go round the world,
You can go to the world around you'
The person I met is a mystery to all.

There's an inner voice telling me,
To believe that one day we'll meet;
Friendship is a divine mystery
Good friendship is the happiness master key.

You are a step closer to happiness
If by leap of faith you egress
From the shallow pit of reclusiveness
And dive in true Independence

You are only a step to your win
When you've abadoned those that'll cause your ruin
Embracing mystical feelings that comes-
For it's now easy to count your scores

You are every day lively
With your new found friend;
Love and peace you will savour
And life you'll no longer endure.


© Yaksport & gentryspen


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Friday 13 November 2020


So I left my home

Not knowing where to go

As I travelled all the night long

In the dark all alone,


With neither lamb to light my way,

Nor water to quench my taste;

I kept thinking on the middle way

Counting the challenges I must face;


I know  my kindred want me

But I must go to Timbuktu

Without regret I'll leave 

For this is what I want to do;


And then I'll venture to mount Kilimanjaro,

There I'll meet traders who'll go to Marlboro

From there I'll travel to the Kalahari desert

And then go to watch mountain Everest's gizzard.


Here in the woods so lonely 

A Wanderer I am so hungry

No water to quench my taste

So dirty, with dusty covered face


I'm a Wanderer like Dingis Wayo,

Who was helped by Shaka warrior of Zulu

When he cried out like the village Griot

 Ahoy! Ahoy, as he narrates to the people


And when I'm done with my wondering,

I'll return to my country

What else can I do than to tell them stories

And when I die, I'll be buried in the village's cemetery.


There is nothing new in this life we live

What we yearn to do has been done by others;

We must one day account of the life we've lived

Stop wondering, and live a good life like no other.


©Yaksport Josiah.

   31st October, 2020.


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Sunday 8 November 2020


Duet by Yaksport Jossiah and Shalom Gowok

We heard of a solemn proclamation
In 1789 of change called revolution
The eve took place in a wall paper factory
Where laborers planned to roll away their agony

France craved for good governance
And good management of their substance
It happened because they really need the change
All the day long they strive to bring the change.

But now, decades has passed
Here in the country of blacks
We've lived like inmates
Who longed for their pain to end

Like her Our struggles were only a preparation
And the Pseudo liberty only an introduction
To a world of subtility and deception
Spiced with lies and cruel intension

Slowly the bait was revealed
The systems need to be reformed
The people want to be informed
The task is pivotal and must be addressed

Nigeria a Godless foundation is faulty
Arise to integrity,dignity and sincerity
Awake to righteousness and accountability
Rewind and revolve afresh in honesty.

   28th October, 2020


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Saturday 10 October 2020


It was on a Tuesday Evening

When all boys on him were leaning,
All were hungry and yawning
3rd  of March,  was that day Oh!
He thought all his dreams is nought 
Untill the supreme declares its not.

It all started, when He went to refill his gas 
And then he called a tricycle after refilling the gas
But, Alas!  In a trap of the wicked he falls
Little did he knew how long it may take,
And with innocent heart, and a smile he said
"Sir, to the barracks take me and i will pay
I implore be fast they'll close the gate"

But then the heart filled with mischief had plans
And there he goes in a sandy road, strange, and fast;
"Oh no, thats not my way!"  Muchacho cried 
"Keep quiet and mind your business!" He replied 
He prayed in his heart, and kept quite wiht a sigh.

One thing he believed most is the Bible 
For no doubt he believed God is able
To save who in his name will  deligently pray
And daily in His  Promise  will earnestly  wait
So in the cab he firmly stay

And the man stopped, and violently say
"Don Buran Ubanka, ka fita mini  a keke na che!"
It was a curse against His Father  he made
And a command to go out of the cab he made
The young innocent man asked '"why?"

And suddenly a punch the man strongly gave
But so smart was the lad he spiringly defended
And then the fight begins
And no one around to split
And the fight was sore also with royal rumble,
And the man was beaten down and he thumbled.

But the lad became weak and had swollen fingers
And the man brought out a dagger,
To the innocent lad stabbed he hadder
But the lad's future is brighter,
And wisdom to abstain the stab was wider
Then here comes a helper from God our father.


From the wicked man The young lad siezed the dagger,
And the crafty mischievous man ran for his life hadder;
But the boy was speachless and wandering,
Deeply thinking and widely staring 
For there's someone he loved and they haven't met
What if he had died how would she had felt?


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Monday 5 October 2020


Rain How sweet the sound

Oh! How  I love the rain
Because it sound like a refrain
Of a classical I've once attained;
The music of the rain on the roof
Which poured heavily without loop
Runned continuously to fill the pool

And then I remember a princess
Whose worth I know is priceless;
Chats a prince who lives in a distant land
Though they be far but surely distance can't
Asunder what's divine,
And from above it is refined;

When everyone hides under the roof,
The farmer likewise hide himself too;
And with a glee he thinks his thought,
And smile being happy he coughs;
And said "surely it is springtime
We have to cross the season's line".

Labourers are Happy too
For there's job a lot to do
Then the blacksmith get to work
With a smile and gaze of hope
With laughter to his workers
He said " Yorks its springtime already
There's work for everyone to do
The small hoe, the big hoe,
The axe, the sickle, the cutlass,
The matchette all we must forge".


Children are also happy too
For soon trees will yield their fruits
How sweet the sound of the rain
Like a pipe the piper always plays
It sounds purr purr purr
And the thunder parararadam
The grasses happily grew out with a smile
To thank the creator for His love divine;
After springtime, here comes hammatan,
Likewise summer, and so on;
And the world runs merrily  round and round,
Oh then, then oh, oh then,  then oh,
We thank God for the rain you send with love.


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Monday 5 October 2020



I know a land that is fully blessed
With all kind of minerals that the supreme has set,
For His people, that whosoever will, may come,
To the supreme and feel at home;
And that all who abide in him may dwell in love.

When many a man at last came,
To the supreme, the Lord His riches gave,
Not to one only, but to all,
His likeness, even to those who dont call
On His name for help, He gave  to all He has created.

Impartial and bountiful is our ruler
For He is so benovoulent to all humans;
But alas! Many humans seems to be cunny and wicked
And willingly with a wicked heart turned many to be wretched
And pill the yam of this world with unequal machete.

The cunny ones forged unequal knives
And cut with greedy eyes like he who dives;
They are often extravagant, some dressed like knights;
Many of them have ample stores and push bellies blotted with excess
Don't get me wrong for arranging this company of Lexis,
For what I saw daily increases.

The gospel of mercy we must preach
For we all must one day appear before the judgement seat;
The gospel of showing mercy to the poor I must preach;
For everyone must do his golden deed,
By helping those who are in need.


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Monday 5 October 2020


By Yaksport Josiah

Where is the old me?
I know who I use to be
I want to go home
I'm tired of the world;

When I wandered away'
All happiness went away;
No more hanging in the middle-way
I'm tired !oh my God ! Of standing here!

I want the old me back
Where goodness is my only stand;
But, alas! I'm now tattered,
I'm so battered
And everything about me is scattered;

When I turned to the  north i see sorrow,
And to the south there's sadness also,
I manage to make it to the west but  there's trouble;
Had I not left East, I would have been crippled.


I was so foolish!
What even made me to leave?
And now my life has no ease
Because I don't have Jesus.


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Monday 5 October 2020


A Child'sHeart
A Poem
By: Shalom Gowok & Yaksport Josiah

Children are born on earth naturally as saints
And from  judgement and danger of hell all saved
And  as they come to the world, non have they offend
Nor any innocent blood have they shed

Suffer not little children to come
To me, for there's is God's Kingdom
And he that will enter my rest,
Like a child must he place himself

Once meant human with a
Dove at heart called a child
He is a barn of cheerfulness
A spectrum of genuine openness
He takes a step at a time with happiness

To see him we must learn
from these children
They let go every hurt even
Without an apology
With firm faith on the king's
Word without analogy
They play their parts in their father's
Business without shame.

They are easy to forgive
And this God knew;
And told the disciples to be
Like children so that they will live;

For a child's mind is a river of peace
And love;
He is a fountain of faith in
Father's faithfulness
He let go cheaply with all,
A servant, a friend that is


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Monday 5 October 2020



Oh garri, my garri how I love thee,
I always run to thee when I'm hungry
When I don't have enough money with me,
Thou smiled at me and filled my belly;

Thou chose every one to be thy friend,
Thou chose to stand with the needy till the end;
If there's anyone to be grateful to thee,
Then it should be folks that went to study;

Apeko my friend will live to tell the story
Yaksport Josiah will live to tell the story
Magaji my friend will live to tell the story
To our future kids who will love to hear the story

Let me sing, and dance, and live
Let me live, and sing, and dance
While I dance I'll also leap
For God and for Garri
Alone I'll sing, for these two had set me free
While in college from getting hungry;

Those that knew, will sing with me
Of wondrous  things they have seen
Oh master garri! how sweet thou have been
To folks who have been in need;

To make Garri more sweeter for thee
Let me tell thee a secret thou never knew
Add little sugar for its not good for thee
Groundnut? Wonderful as if thou knew
Kuli kuli? Excellent that will make it like stew
Milk? Oh the old days you land me into reminiscence

I remember Papa Nkem in his little shop back in the college
The student's he helped, because he has the knowledge
That some fingers are tall while some are short
Some are big, while some are small
No matter how small thy money bring
Thou  wilt get garri to suck and drink.

I hail thee Almighty Garri
The saviour of students
Though some found joy in taking thee to school,
They can proudly carry thee  publicly in school;
While others met thee coincidentally in school
They never dream of taking thee in school
But when spaghetti, macaroni and noodles
Failed to help the folks,  thou cometh to fit the mood
Thou will only be hated by unthankful people
Who never knew the value of food.

When others in the hostel their delicious meal cooked
I take my garrri with joy I  employ
Let not what I don't have, my cheer,
My cheer of mind destroy.


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Saturday 10 October 2020



I have a story, so sweet,
about myself, when I was a kid;
it's about a lady I got tempted with
She was called Annabel Lee

In face, feature, and limb,
she  grew so identically with me;
For one of us was born a twin
you can see by fate's decree

I love her so much and that's true
She told me betimes she loves me too
Our story is written with ink so blue
And the cover is bonded with super glue

But oh, She is a poetess
And I can't marry a poetess
because I hate poets and poetess
and they are not my interest

All my life I wished to marry a painter
or  Hunter's daughter
If I marry a painter,
she'll teach me painting;
If I marry Hunter's daughter,
he'll teach me hunting;

Back to business
I can't marry a poetess!
My mother is a poetess,
then how can I marry a poetess?

Mother gave me a choice
She said I must hearken to her voice
That I must marry this poetess
or she'll curs me to be worthless

Though I love Annabel Lee,
I rather Marry Anna Marie;
Because she loves painting,
and her father loves hunting;

I know poets and poetess
because my mother is a poetess
My master's wife is a poetess
My uncle's wife is a poetess

Poetess made me to suffer from ulcer
For I almost died of hunger
because my poetess mother
is so much in love with pen and papers

My master is the chef in his house
and that makes me laugh loud
she used to say"you're the sugar in my tea
Oh Romeo forever with you I'll be"
But can't cook for him to eat

I can't marry a poetess
let them say what they'll say
Annabel Lee will kill me with poems
instead of giving me a cake.

I'm now homeless
working on the street stranded
All my nights are sleepless
Because I can't marry a poetess

I can't marry a poetess
Though I love Annabel Lee
but I prefer Anna Marie
I throw this hopeless question to you
what will you do if you were me
to persuade mother to let you
marry Anna Marie?


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Monday 5 October 2020



You talk of wondrous things you see

I talk of painful things I feel

Its often said 'life is filled with ups and downs,

but mine is filled with downs;

I see parents caring for children,

I see children caring for parents;


Here I seat with nowhere to go,

I'm lonely without a home;

I'm a street boy

who begs for coin



Where is my mother?

Who is my father?

Did I have a brother?

Or someone to call my sister?


Do I really have a family?

What is my sin?

Why am I like this?

If only I can feel,

at least what family is;


Oh God I know you are their up above,

Watching men living in love

But, what is my sin,

That made me to be deserted in the street?

God since I have no family,

Will you be my family?


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Monday 5 October 2020



Oh granny, why did you left
Your grand children with face
Fashioned with pathetic stare
To struggle alone till the end?

They are now like a prey-
Lost in the wildlife's den;
You were their hope,
Because you make them to glow;

Tell my grand children
I've went to meet my children
That's, their parents
Singing above with angels;

Here a little, there a little.
Orphans live day to day.
Some are young with bones so brittle,
Without family, yet happy and gay;


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Saturday 10 October 2020



The sky totally changed  murky
Houses, and schools were set ablaze;
Everyone in the market was in a hurry
We saw our neighbour shot  death;

With tears in our eyes,
We took his body away;
Tears where falling from the sky,
Our teacher too was shot down the lane;

Men were burned with fire like bush meat,
For our flesh they putrid;
We saw dogs and swine eat carcasses,
We cried both women, lads, and lasses;

We saw armies trooping,
Into the city with their war tanks;
And that made us to keep believing,
Although it wasn't a smooth shiny track;

Now the main road we cannot cross,
For our hunters were every where;
We cried for help but there was none,
All hope was lost like a lilly in the mere;

It is a day we will live to tell the story,
Of how we were hurt by people so Conny;
These happened somewhere in the north,
We will never forget the men we have lost.


Josiah Yakspirt Yakubu
Sunday 11 October 2020



Here we stand with eyes wide opened,
Not knowing what next will happen;
Before we realized,
It took us by surprise;

July 2001 was the month
That made women to mourn;
For the men that fall that day,
Was many on that sunny day;

Babies cried on their mother's back,
Like a chicken in the butcher's hand;
The number of Casualties kept increasing,
And the music of guns wasn't thrilling;

Before that day, It was a chronic euphoria,
That happens  somewhere in northern Nigeria.



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