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Biography: Tanimonure Richards Adewale is a poet from Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, the homeland of the great poet, Wole Soyinka. He is a two times top 20 finalist of the BPPC Poetry contest in the year 2022. He has been published in anthologies such as Healing Hands, Beauty Of Failures, A Country Of Broken Boys and many more. He is a Teacher and Home Parent at Thames Valley College, Likosi-Sagamu, Ogun State. He can be reached on 234 913 080 5564 or

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Richards Tanimonure
Thursday 7 December 2023


a man sat on a pile of smithereen dreams

and rowed his pains backwards 

on a cortina sea. 

the same eyes stand his mirror 

of weeping and weary journeys

with no muscles found 

of a star seriously seeking. 

the same eyes fall his stubborn faith

into fragments of fears and a calling hunger;

the hunger of a sweet death. 

he stands on the rubble of grey failures

and lost count of how he shot amazingly

at his stars; shot and scored wounds. 

how each strong brilliant arrows

only shatter the sun of success in his face

into a very cloudy rainfall of purest sadness. 

he rowed and rowed and rowed

many memories;

yes! he rowed. 

that poured and poured and poured

many agonies;

yes! that poured

as a wild and wicked rainstorm

punishing or polishing a big diamond

in the cruel and loving fires

of an earth simply doing its job. 

he rowed and reached the deep shores

where travelling pains berth a balm of joy

as the birth of a new strange dawn,

welcoming with warmest happier tongue,

"eureka! eureka! eureka!"


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