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Olukemi Omoyeni
Monday 19 September 2022


The flight takes off,

Into hiatus of numerous voyages.

The window of the airplane is like an eagles' s eyes,

I saw it all.

I barely saw objects that looked like a school of fish.

They appeared countless and tiny.

7.5 billion, too many heads.

A crowd.

But roaming lonely, dying, each to himself.

Quite a number, one saying to another;

That one is a stranger.

Shall we abhor this word?

Since it only takes a wave and a smile to secure its extinction.

We came lonely, but with an obligation.

A duty to create as many bridges as possible.

These tiny heads I see, are architects,

Architect of fences.

Let him who fences his house high remember

A day he will need to escape from his own prison,

When war breaks from inside.


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