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Churchill Emmanuel
Tuesday 30 June 2020


Detachment from sentiments
It's not easy I must confess

Pressures all around me everyday trying to compress

I'm getting really fed up no longer trying to impress


"High expectations" from me to be a superhuman
And if I don't all I get is fearful threats

Well like I said before, spear me the sentiments
Let's be rational and quit flaunting your intelligence


Yeah it's me, your autistic child
I'm sorry but with all these crazy situations
I can't help but to go wild


I'm sick and tired of all these money threats
telling me stories of how you hustled your way through college tell me what's next?

You gonna abandon me like you did to Didi and mum?

If that's the case then life itself would be more fun

At least I'll learn to look to the sun (son)
Our father who art in heaven till His Kingdom Come!


Don't worry I've forgiven you already for everything you've done and you'll ever do

It wasn't easy though but there's nothing God can never do


I know I've always got laughed at and ridiculed but

At the end I'll own the show while they all sit down and watch


I take no credit, I never did it own my own
But why expecting me to worry since My Father has always been sitting on The Throne.


You said it yourself you're the caretaker not the landlord

One of them is the potter while the other the mud


All these years one thing I learnt is to survive
I know you broke them records but I'm about to disrupt the archives of History
I discovered life's mysteries

Finally realized that life works the other way round
well that's just a mystery
Momma, "look at what I found!"


You should know by now, all these "fools gold" ain't nothing to me
I still gonna sign that 100 million dollar cheque and it will still mean nothing to me



It's not about the bank account it's about the state of mind
I finally found the treasure chest you said was impossible to find

Bat Zombie, I'm no longer walking blind
I couldn't trust my sight anymore so I had to look into God's mind



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