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Martins Kayode
Sunday 10 September 2023

Moon light

Moon light.

Blue is the glow that shines at night,

When the moonlight rays wash down on us,

The stars add the twinkling beauty to the radiance on the moon,

The night shines in it's eminent glory,

A crystal like radiance that shine like diamond,

The moon light is the night.

The night is an undying beauty,

It allows for the gorgeous glow of the moon in the sky, 

The dotted brilliance of the shiny stars up above,

A gloom defying scene of the glorious universe; a vast world of impossibilities, 

Silent peace beholds us in the night,

Hustle and bustle of the harsh days are taken away by the night,

Refreshing peace visits the soul at night,

An opportunity is presented by the night,

One to take a fresh start; a start to rid oneself of errors from the past, 

A time to decide to move anew, 

The night is a teacher; teaches us lessons from past mistakes made,

Wonders of God and nature is served in the night; galaxies unfold, 

Moonlight produces love,

Intimacy and affection are found in the night, lovers are connected under the Moonlight.

Night time is security; saves from trouble, problems and mind tormenting thoughts; night ushers in sleep,

Bridge to dreamland is made by the night, she connects us to world beyond our reach, 

She broods connection between between members and loved one,

One connects with his creator in the night, prayers and supplication beautify the night.

The Moonlight is the night.

Fear not for the night,

Let her beauty be embraced, 

No evil should be done to stain her holiness,

Her possibilities to existence be appreciated rather than feared,

Her nakedness and openness not taken for granted, 

For in the end we shall all come to Moonlight.


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