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Olusegun Olatunji
Friday 23 October 2020

October 20, 2020

I won't forget this date.
The day Okwonko declared carnage on Ikemefuna;
For demanding good governance.
It was a black Tuesday in my nation's history.

I won't forget this date.
A night Làgàta was thirsty of crimson fluid;
And gave an order for the bloodbath of Jogbo people.
The entire land was covered in life juice dripping of my people.

I won't forget this date.
The day rivers of blood gushed on our streets;
Not of the enemies of the State, that of the future of my State.
But, Kongi says no live was lost.
Yet, Danlola and scores of lives remained lifeless.
And Kongi says it's a mild attack;
Still, debris were what we have left,
And Kongi says everything is under control.

I won't forget this date.
A day Lápitẹ́ committed genocide on our people,
Their offense was demanding they should not be shot,
A night Lápitẹ́ massacred our brothers and sisters,
All they did was demand they should not be killed.

I won't forget this date.
The day the labour of our heroes past was shrouded in vain,
And our national pride was adorned in blood.
For the love of the nation;
Our country men and women were massacred in their scores.
All they did was hold hands together and raised their voices:
Arise O' Compatriots -- it was a national call.
Holding dear to their hearts the national flag,
In response, Kongi gave us a Greek gift -- a national tragedy.

I won't forget this date.
The day our country men and women,
Raised their voices and sing O God of creation,
The only response they got was the diplomacy of the gun.
The order was that of Kongi himself,
The one that swore allegiance to protect his people.

How do you expect me to forget October 20, 2020.
The day Okonkwo brought sorrow, fear and blood;
Of what Fela called their regular trademark.
And within second we saw this on display,
As they slaughtered our country men and women.


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