Matthew Adewale

Biography: A lovely person with good sense of humour. Love poetry to the core and I major in political science. "A political sagacity is not a gireot esparility but is a jimbolical gimbolism."

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Matthew Adewale
Tuesday 5 March 2024

The Seven Warriors

In the deep hill forest where shadows entwine,

Seven warriors, a fellowship divine.

Kako, the striker, with a baton of might,

Bold and courageous, his prowess takes flight.

Imodoye, the sage, wisdom his guide,

Through trials and tribulations, he'd confide.

In the wilderness, where danger is rife,

His knowledge is the shield that safeguards their life.

Akara Ogun, mystic and strong,

Half-man, half-deity, to whom demons belong.

Against the underworld, he waged a fight,

Guiding his people through the eternal night.

Olohun Iyo, with melodies sweet,

Songs that soothe, making danger retreat.

In the heart of chaos, his voice is a balm,

Calm in the storm, a forest's healing psalm.

Ifoye, adorned with feathers so rare,

Mystical aura, in the forest, he'd share.

A creature of wonder, a guardian true,

His presence alone, troubles undo.

Elegbeje Ode, a hunter profound,

Uncanny knowledge in the wild he'd expound.

Cunning and skill, he'd always employ,

To capture the creatures that roam and destroy.

Aramanda Okunrin, shape-shifting grace,

Turns to anything, in the forest's embrace.

Mysterious and powerful, a force untamed,

In the dance of shadows, his essence is framed.

Seven warriors in the deep hill's embrace,

Wild animals and demons, they bravely face.

With uncanny knowledge, they navigate,

Through the heart of the forest, a destiny innate.


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