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Biography: Emmanuel Chidiebube Williams is a young dynamic focused writer and poet.He hails from imo state in isi-ala mbano local government area.Although he hails from imo state,he lives with his parents in Rivers state of Nigeria.He is a product of an inter ethnic marriage between Barr E.C.Osibie and mrs Rachael emmanuel.He is the first of five with an unquenchable intrests in literature and poetry, although he hopes in studying law and becoming a legal practitioner.With his brainy and witful capabilities, the poet W.E.C by short had drafted many poems and quote and has many literary works on literature in edition.

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Williams Emmanuel
Tuesday 26 May 2020

Covid-19's delicacy

A precious delicacy lies,

On Earths dinning table,

Covid-19 has served it.

The souce is decorated with,

Vegetable sauce and beverages,

Let our savana tongue come forth,

And lick of it's fabulous delicacy.

The meal seems sour,

Our days come with misery,

All of Earth seeds are falling,

From harshness of covid-19 meal.

The delicacy tastes bloody,

Pushing our ocean head,

Into the grave of blood and death.

The meals milk spill our intestine.

The soup scratches our throat,

Like a razor to a wood.

Our mouth is full of blood,

As our table is full of corpse.

The dinner comes with a blade,

That slice thorough our throat.

Today's dinner is worst than death.

It's venom is terrible,

Than the slaps of leprosy.

Our intestines are all spilt,

And blood congest our throats.

The floor is spilt with blood,

Corpse lie around for covid-19s meal.


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