Sunday Akinbamido

Biography: Sunday Yemi Akinbamido is an erudite Programmer, a Poet and Preacher of the good news. His philosophy of life is based on the phrase "you can't take it with you", "For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out." 1 Timothy 6:7 -KJV.

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Sunday Akinbamido
Friday 17 May 2019

A Bicycle Learner

Meager economy of Aye-Ile,
Is like a bicycle learner.
Agitating to maintain equilibrium,
Without enough strength and buoyancy,
Playing around barely,
Without a pair of sandals to his dusty foot,
Without a vest covering is masculine chest,
Without wrinkles of groaning in his face.
As he zealously stick to his bicycle.
Though, it's tyre wore a poverty-look,
And a sharpen iron as pedal.
With his eagerness to ride on,
A geyser of enjoyment spring out.
Deep in his face written satisfaction,
Though, the saddle is a punching machine,
Created holes in his pants.
Sure he would press on to his destination,
As these mushroom and sprout up,
Prospects of African child.

Copyright (C) 2004. Akinbamido Yemi Sunday


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Feyikemi Olajide

Feyikemi Olajide
1/21/2021 3:49:46 PM

Light and beautiful is all they see
But that is not all there is to it
If only they could look close enough......

Alexander Adewole

Alexander Adewole
11/16/2020 5:03:19 AM

The agony of losing you
Is like a broken china unfettered hopes
That sparked neons to my buds.

Collins Aiterebhe

Collins Aiterebhe
10/20/2020 12:33:12 AM


Slowly you begin to sprang
Like a woman yielding to her man
Your beauty is a bang!

             - poems of Collins Aiterebhe

TobI Omojola

TobI Omojola
10/18/2020 6:57:08 AM

Oh I love this life
Sorrowful harsh heartbreaking laziness all sort of
All and love it gives.