Ugochukwu Nnamdi

Biography: God Of Song;Priest Of Art

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Ugochukwu Nnamdi
Tuesday 24 October 2023


Across alleys and terrains agape

Of life’s greedy bounty we thread

As from cradle chiseled in hope;

Stenciled still by tradition of the dead

We have seen cycles my brothers

The days of the blood moon,

The nights of languid sun rays

We have danced to paradiddles

Life jingles and whispers a riddle

Of how we must seek greener grasses

And sunder the cocoons of comfort

For the trees that shade our spirits

Was planted by spirits older

So old friends must play strangers

Enemies must seek treaties

And make reparations with sanctity,

Life brings roses, daisies and thorns but

Amidst uncertain certainties lies a truth

Entropy is never on our side.


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