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John Chinaka Onyeche
Sunday 12 July 2020

Freedom In View

Let's come together 

In one voice as a people 

And never a nation and race 

And sing the songs of 

Freedom from all of us 

The vice that had caged us 

Against the brotherly love

Uhuru freedom at last sing 

Let us sing it out loud 

As it is from the heart 

Forgetting the fears of death 

That not all had believed 

That freedom is for all people 

Songs of the freed souls 

Rejoicing at every beat 

That our hearts can hold 

Freedom calls with her 

Unusual voice it echoes 

I have seen her once in a time

White and sparkling it rayed 

Emancipation from this hood 

Call it a people and not a nation 

Race is death and humanity is life 

Sing it loud and make it known 

Uhuru freedom at last we sing 

© John Chinaka Onyeche 


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