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Saturday 31 March 2018


Time is life’s thoroughfare
With signposts for each event,
One for this and
Another for that.
It all begins at birth,
Probably with one very big signpost:
“Circumcision – seven days ahead.”

Time is a vehicle taking
Us from the past into the future;
It slows down when we’re bored,
Sometimes so fast fun doesn’t seem to last.
As we race on this highway
Towards the coast of tomorrow,
Today’s landscape evidently becomes
The history of yesterday.

Time is a balm:
Silently closing up wounds,
Patching broken hearts.
Time is a joker:
Bringing the sun to our smile,
The joy to our hearts when
We look back at those moments
That took our breath away
Whilst the world stood still.

Time, the soil we plant
Our deeds – good or bad,
In due season we would harvest
A just reward from the
One who holds time in His hands.
Time is a foe to the
Lazy and sluggard
Who wants time to stand and stare
While they dream their lives away.

Time is so wide
It stretches from infinity past
Ahead onto eternity.
Time, oh what a record book:
Our first step, our first word,
Our first kiss, our first love.
Our dreams, aspirations, ambitions,
Our successes, failures and hopes.

Time I believe,
Could be so many things
It would take a lot more
Of time to completely explore.
What has Time got to say?
Tighten your seat belt
Endure the ride – because
The journey of life mayn’t
Be fair at some points.

I am life’s thoroughfare
With signposts for every event,
One for this and
Another for that.
It all ends at death,
Probably on a tombstone,
Cold and white perhaps:
“Till we meet again – Rest in Peace.”

< Written May 10, 2006 ... ... and dedicated to Albert Einstein (1879-1955). >
Photo by Photos Unsplash on Unsplash


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