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Sunday 29 April 2018

At the steps

Soon she will walk through that door

The sunlight will accompany her

its rays will dance about the lines of her dress

Her eyes will beguile me

soft, brown; incandescent with heat

Roses at her feet.

My love will peak rising with every tide of her feet.


Before today I have asked myself Questions; Questions replete

All with one constant iota

All a question; this i marked.

Was Her Yes! Yes?

OR a     –   Yes! No?

Meaning at middle ages if we got stuck

would an end come to our love truck?

Breaking down at the point of the ladder

where forward seems too much to bear

And backward? No! its too much to bear


I checked all the indicators;

watched her eyes severally,

contemplated her age

If it was genius

Genius as of too young

young enough to flee and still find enchanting arms to hold her in glee

Or too old!

A flower none would pluck and maybe i should have ducked


What if we woke up tomorrow

and love has vacated our fate?

I have seen that in myriads

oh! what a fate

My heart wont take it!

my mind would break

my knees would shake

strength would leave me and that fate would move me into depression’s estate.


Mum would freak

“I TOLD YOU!” in barrages would follow

not my words of adulation

for years they would affect my concentration


What is love sef?

How did i get here?

And these folks staring from the pews

so many faces

faces always brings places

places i had gone

some I am not fond of

Oh! I want them all gone.

on my right tears are spewing

Mum seems filled with joy

But i thought?

Thought she said…

Who knows?

If Ify is this way

Vacillating, A cauldron of uncertainty

Yes! that is what mum is


My suit is tight

face seems heavy from the smile i am carrying

I back the guests

there is something in my coat

something in my knees

I have to step out.


“TURN!” my friend whispers

“its your cue”

with frozen hands

thoughts laden,

doubts heightening


And there she is



Our sights meet in a rapid combustion

Suddenly a calmness.

And I say out loud soliloquizing

“What do you think?”

My response-   I forgot, I said

To remember only this which i should

“That I and love have decided to hold her dear at all times”

For love is enough it will bend in accordance and adjust rightly every circumstance.

It is the YES! and acceptance that melts away every uncertainty

It will ascend over every mountain and descend into the valley to pick.

I will wait when men walk away

and the clouds withhold their rain


I will say to Ify everyday

“I had decided before I knew”

To Love you each day

Yesterday, Today and all the days which lie ahead

And waving my hands in submission

I ascend up the stairs walking into eager submission

For my bride awaits!!!




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