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Urhuru Erebi
Tuesday 7 November 2023

The World We Met

The World We Met

We met devils in human skin

Self acclaimed kings

Of a world they didn't create

Raping countries

And arresting wealth 

We met falsehood and mendacity

Lies heaped upon lies

"Global" organizations

Creating poverty not prosperity

"We are advocators of peace" 


Philanthropy which is robbery

Lies in the news

Error taught in schools

We met fools who eat deception for breakfast

And pat their stomachs with satisfaction

They put their lives in the hands of others

Willingly, Eagerly. 

We met traitors

Who sold their countries and conscience

To the highest bidder

We met those who tried to build

They stood for the truth

Scorned, killed but not silenced


Like them, we try to improve

This world we met


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