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Biography: A poet song composer, writer,cinematographer and computerist Age :43 years Tall and fair in complexion

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charles dick benson
Tuesday 9 January 2024


Build a city that will last for ever,renovate,
reconstruct,in our nations,
Bring development
Bring development,bring civilization,tribalism goes.
What sets and comes in,jubilation the uncle of cele
Soft drink and wine,get nuptial.
The family become happy and happiness claps.
Family talks about the resolvement and
settlement of our national problems.
What a happy nation ever after.
And people talks
about economic changes in in prices of products,
goods and services from high cost of living to low
cost of living.
There is plenty to eat and drink and less to spend.
And they said this is the nation that we look for
What a happy and fulfill nation now,
And no longer what a good nation back in
the days when things are rolling down
make it be.
Thanks your's faithfully and,Your's reply
mister president.


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