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Destiny Huesfac3
Sunday 7 July 2019

Nature's beat

The sounds of rapid down pour
on rusty, hazy zinc roof sheets
in harmony with the soft groans
from heavy dark clouded canopy;
soft flashes tweet and squeal
melodies of distant hope of surplus.

Towards the city’s hall overflow,
a conglomerate of choral singers
with croaks and stridulations;
night at alert on alarmist's screeches,
fill dark pond’s waters with jingles;
from bongo vibes, the music flows.

Pining inside out of silhouette trees,
sagging, tapping with flute and hoots;
from a distant mountain, the alpha
calls out at full moon; forest sheds
leaves and furs to unknown destinations;
a coarse undertone—the loiterer’s sigh!

White dove submerges from sunrise,
the deadened forest perforated
by scintillating sunrays; eyes twitch,
awakening mellow, sweet sounds
of morning songbirds in Eden;
all sounds harmonise with nature's beat.


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Loving You

Loving You

Akinsola Akinbiyi

Akinsola Akinbiyi
2/19/2020 8:49:58 AM

At the cool of the evening
Our love show to the world
It can endure the test of time,
And the roaring of the sea
Show our love
Strength to stand the test of man.

Bola Akin

Bola Akin
2/17/2020 8:46:03 AM

In a cool wonderful serenity, our love blossom.
By the seashore, holding each other till eternity.
As the ocen waves splashing forever.

Sola Akinnola

Sola Akinnola
2/14/2020 2:12:09 PM

You'are the one, the special one
Anywhere I am , anytime on earth
My mind keeps connectiing to you love.