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Saturday 11 February 2023

Naira Redesigned, Chaos to Nigerians

Affliction fiercely force foreigners out of the nation ..

Citizen set sight to the sovereign one above..

The ones on earth becomes earthworms eating our happiness and paying it with extreme hardship..

Their heart is ganished with fallacy..

Things becomes stale


Redesiged of naira note knocked down citizens to their knees,  the current status with sadness to all .. 

Means of exchange becomes unexchangeable..

You can't trade with your own money..

No currency in circulation..

The situation is a sign not to sink to their sinful scoops ..


Chaos in Nigeria to Nigerians..

Naira inoperable..

Lamentations and lack with shortages..

Commodity sold out not.. 

Community cursed with conflicts..

Common man commune with costly chastisement..

Gnashing of teeth to the nation..

Needles to the throats without a Voice just void..


Politians can't vouch for themselves no more..

They campaign with their camp corrupted..

Their corruptible tongue utter only fallacy..

All parties pathway lead to doom to the dying nation...

No saviour to save the saddest nation...

Politics is a mind games to make money and invest in family's name and neglect National plea..


We are just a shackles in the sacks of solitudes...

We are just slaves in our own land without services to served..

We are just Sheeps without a shepherd ...

We are Pupils without a qualified teacher to teach..

All the candidates are without the criteria to cast out the casket caused by the rulling party...


We're ruled by incompetent ageing general..

The incomings don't deserve our sweat to vote..

The same boat boarded them all...

Our Voices is void to their visionary..

We are just but valuable to their cause..


So life continue to be harder...

We hide in shambles in our shade..

Our shadows walk us not..

Its been disposed for it can't find our feet nor postures..

We walk the path with the unrighteous in power..

The elite light their lights to the layman..

To lay his arrow and bow to their cause..

So their cause consumed all with their corruptions..

And now!! Our country is conflicted without a cure.....


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