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Ezra Bature
Monday 4 December 2023


Rapture to the human race..

An unknown events with only one event planner (God).. 

The eventful day with tribulations and retribution..

The saints will ascend like an eagle to paradise..

The sinful souls will be left to gnash in anguish..

The earth surface will suffer darkness..

The earth will quake..

Volcano will erupt..

An unknown events without a hidden place..

Many will lament without a lamb stand..

Sinners will sing the songs of surrender..

While mercy will ease from existence..


Ezra Bature
Saturday 2 December 2023

Sunday to the Saints

We're the forces of war..

We're the wheel that holds the pillar of faith.. 

We're the voices that avoid fornication and forbid falsehood 

We're grounded in glory...

We're the artless throng of Christianity..

We call upon Abba Father with an extra oil that anoints our warfare journey of life...

Our presence present the passion of prayers which pays our way to possibilities.. 

Our beliefs brings blessing beyond..

Our voices is a fragrance of praise..

Let our Songs solidify our Sunday


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 28 November 2023

Proud to Pray

Proud to pray..

To pay for my progeny..

To progress with prowess..

To pasture with potency..

Proud to pray..

To build a wall of spiritual warriors

In a family with fame and fortune.

Proud to Pray..

To pursue righteousness to a damned generation, to deliver my descendants from the decadence deeds..

Proud to Pray ..

To produce an offsprings of prince and princess to a paradise of praise, where prayers remains the path to pacify our past and past down the purified pursued to the people coming through our progeny..

Proud to pray..

For prayers pays 


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 28 November 2023


Peace be Still..

This is an endless summer movie you can't afford to miss..

The stage where you become a servant to your fatherland, you serve under the sun and rain, you reign as an ambassador to the nation..

You become a pillar to be reckon with..

You serve to build the land that has been wasted, a land of ruin and toil, a land of hardship with the survival of the fittest..

A land like the wasteland..

You're a government property,

Programmed to serve and save the future untold...

You climb the ladder gradually to learn from our mistakes, we missed the mission to commission the Nation with our voices.. We are rendered void without a voice so we violent the legal policy and published what's to be protected...

The scorning sun is where you take an oath, to serve under sun to a nation that's not worth your sweat..

You swear an oath to be patriotic to the populace.. You serve to send a message to patrician.. Let your voice be heard now as you're their property before you become a barren basin bin..


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 28 November 2023


My Mom is virtuous..

A mighty virtuous warrior..

A magnificent goddess..

Who weight down my burden..

She mentored me to wore a mantle..

She becomes the lamp to my shoulder...

A prayerful woman that prays for me to become prayerful and not a prey to be pitied..

Her prayers keeps my train and holds my wheel to win my battle..

She battled with the forbidden forces to forged a favored future untold..

My mom is a warrior, she opened the Heavens gate and garnished my path with purity, she pacified my past with the ancestors and saves my visions with a voice..


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 28 November 2023


We grew up in a village..

Where our occupation is farming, with a tattered clothes to earn a living...

We lived and survived the toil of the soil..

We were farmers favorite, we were hired to work in a farm and get paid.. 

We weren't lazy like the city boys who depend on inheritance, we forged our future with our sweat to sway the hardship that hit us hard without an inheritance..

We were the bulldozers of farmers, they acquired our services to serve them till we feel our bones to the toes..

We lived together, we woke up by 4am with the Anthem "Westside"...

We continued to put in more hard work to earn a living, one friend died, another one followed with an interval of 3 months separating them in same year...

They left too early, we continue to remember their faces and the memories we shared.. We thank God for keeping us while many left to their grave..

We weren't born with a silver sponge, but we will make our own sponge with a diamond.. 

Local man won't take life easy till he ease his progeny with a better life of affluent.. RIP to the ones that left early, More Greatness to the ones still alive.. We'll live to write our own stories


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 28 November 2023

Salam Alaikum

Salam alaikum..

Peace be unto thee..

That's a portrait of life struggle..

The scar of relationship.. 

The trauma of disappointed..

The battle with lust and lost..

The pieces post unto the path of men..

The scorning heat of seduction to sexual immortality weighing down men of valor.

Problems beyond comprehension, pocketing our destiny with a mere burger, chips and chills to succumb to the present enjoyment and jailed our future untold..

Stand your ground man, be grounded man of Valor.. Stand tall for the struggle of life will keep knocking, never be knocked to your knees...

Salam Alaikum


Ezra Bature
Saturday 30 September 2023


A giant of the globe..

Full of cultural heritage abound..

With folklores and folktales...

With folk songs and folk dance..

A Nation affable, that flourished with melodious voice accord..

Pushiness to the occupant of the land..

The crowd crown the king to guide..

An ageing but elegance with fortitude.

A giant of the globe 

Whose valour vanquish narcissism and enthuse patriotism..

A giant of the globe..

The pride of Africa...

The race of the renown...

Where heroes were immortalized..

Where God dwells with signs and wonders..

A giant of the globe..

A country which command legions to commune in a religious harmony..

Where heroes past built bridges of visions.. 

A giant of the globe..

Where kindergarten becomes mandarin..

Where soldiers roar rackle terrorists..

Where corruption and poverty stand not.

Where unity grasp its potency..

Where nepotism is abolish...

Where tribalism is vanquish..

Where mortals motile with sensation..

Where peace and unity abound..

A giant of the globe..

Where journalists are the backbone of the government, 

Where gratification or brown envelope ceased like Julius Caesar..

Where media meet the need of masses..

Where banditry, kidnapping and terrorism is exile to extinction..

A giant of the globe

Where the pasture is greener..

Where the deteriorating economy we pray to cease...

A giant of the globe..

A country called Nigeria..

A country blessed with grand canyon..

A country garnish with splendor ..

A country sovereign in harmony..

A giant of the globe...

A country birth with blessings abundance..

A country called Nigeria..

A giant of the universe..


Ezra Bature
Friday 15 September 2023

Fatal Seduction

Kisses like a thunderstorm..

The joy of it aroused emotions..

Tongue licking with a perfect eyes contact.. Which brought forth the desire to taste the forbidden..

Short night long..

Hands couldn't be hold captive but let loose to tickle the nipples which captivate the breast milk to be suck till it gets drain..

The foreplay surrender to the rhythm of the erotic tone.. 

To and fro the romance racked havoc to the testicles abundance

... Beloved couldn't hold the emotional tone, turning dew into air and dawn reaching its peak ..

Kisses flow and glow the lips with rainbow colored in shade..

The black lips turn reddish, the pink lips couldn't hold the motions in play..

for the tone of the music can only influence the development of two lovers bond.. 

Heartbeat fast..

The foreplay deepen..

Motion play changed the atmosphere narratives..

The hands draw down to where the law says touch not my anointing..

The aroma of the succulents beneath bathed the two lovers to the room of sexual intercourse..

The cost is high, the law proscribe..

Self control lose its potency.. 

The seducing motion sensor the act of satisfaction.. 


Ezra Bature
Friday 15 September 2023

They tell us 'Don't, They don't tell us "Why"

They tell us "don't" they don't tell us 'why"...

The circle we engaged everyday whilst there is a minimal teaching to key in with the tools and lance for the warfare..

The scar is cancerous and porous to the life we desire to live..

We make a showpiece whilst the society makes it conventional..

It has eaten into our depth and marrow...

It refused to be purge, and cultures promote it for cultural activities...

It has weaken our immune system and we response to its destruction..

In our youth the drive is already high without a break, whilst we seek help but couldn't find who will manage our struggling stories..

Sexual desires knocks at our doors and we become victims of ridicule to its slavery..

Now!! We regrettably live with the scar...

And they still tell the teenages "don't" they don't tell them "why"..


Ezra Bature
Saturday 11 February 2023

Naira Redesigned, Chaos to Nigerians

Affliction fiercely force foreigners out of the nation ..

Citizen set sight to the sovereign one above..

The ones on earth becomes earthworms eating our happiness and paying it with extreme hardship..

Their heart is ganished with fallacy..

Things becomes stale


Redesiged of naira note knocked down citizens to their knees,  the current status with sadness to all .. 

Means of exchange becomes unexchangeable..

You can't trade with your own money..

No currency in circulation..

The situation is a sign not to sink to their sinful scoops ..


Chaos in Nigeria to Nigerians..

Naira inoperable..

Lamentations and lack with shortages..

Commodity sold out not.. 

Community cursed with conflicts..

Common man commune with costly chastisement..

Gnashing of teeth to the nation..

Needles to the throats without a Voice just void..


Politians can't vouch for themselves no more..

They campaign with their camp corrupted..

Their corruptible tongue utter only fallacy..

All parties pathway lead to doom to the dying nation...

No saviour to save the saddest nation...

Politics is a mind games to make money and invest in family's name and neglect National plea..


We are just a shackles in the sacks of solitudes...

We are just slaves in our own land without services to served..

We are just Sheeps without a shepherd ...

We are Pupils without a qualified teacher to teach..

All the candidates are without the criteria to cast out the casket caused by the rulling party...


We're ruled by incompetent ageing general..

The incomings don't deserve our sweat to vote..

The same boat boarded them all...

Our Voices is void to their visionary..

We are just but valuable to their cause..


So life continue to be harder...

We hide in shambles in our shade..

Our shadows walk us not..

Its been disposed for it can't find our feet nor postures..

We walk the path with the unrighteous in power..

The elite light their lights to the layman..

To lay his arrow and bow to their cause..

So their cause consumed all with their corruptions..

And now!! Our country is conflicted without a cure.....


Ezra Bature
Wednesday 18 January 2023

Sexual immorality

Behold!! The mighty are falling..

In the tempted tunnel of a modern prostitute, who calls herself hookup girl..

Her charming chambers glitters...

Her couch caught mighty men to fall..

Her soul is a servant to Satan's service..


She walked the part to seduce young men..

Her coast is cursed with the costume of calamity ...  

Her beauty bring forth fornicators

To served her wine of modern slavery..

To succumb to sexaul immorality..

Thus!! That's a way to damnation..

A deadly way walk by many... 

To abused His Holy Temple..

And tend tense her terrestrial terror..


A deadly trap call sexual immorality which makes many become a slave to Satan's bidding...


Ezra Bature
Friday 16 September 2022

Damned Generation

Damnation to our Generation..

Ageing ghosting in anguish..

Youth yield to boorishness... 

Devilish deed with drugs on a daily..

Daily routine on intoxication...

Inebriate on a highway..

Damned Generation!!..

Veneration to worldly pleasures....

Pleasure seekers surround our surroundings...

Our souls succumb to sexual immorality...

Girls resort to strippers...

Abortion is a normal routine.....

Boys to ritualist and fraudsters.. 

Graduates gradually wild smoking weed..

Damned Generation!!....

Wealthy men wield the Church...

Members full of ungodliness......

Preachers exhibit favouritism...

Hypocrisy abounded the Church...

Wickedness and witchcraft is the new doctrine...

Demons derailed to doom our doctrine..

Damned Generation!!.

Barrooms is the base for the married men.. 

They merry to stupor and go home messy.. 

They married to divorce..

They dance to infidelity...

No devotion to wedlock...

Damned Generation 

Daddy's donate their daughters to demons..

To access wealth and worthiness...

To induce indubitably the young ladies..

To trade their wealth with pleasures...

Damned Generation..

David sang songs of redemption.. 

Our Generation conform to damnation..

Damnation to this Generation..... 


Ezra Bature
Thursday 15 September 2022

Love Making

Red wine with rhythm..

Garment undressed for sexual roses..

Romancing and caressing nudity in slowness..

Stroking the vulva and clitoris with delightfulness, which aroused sensation of oral sex.....

Love making to oral sex.. 

Renowned gynaecologist advises..

(STDs): syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, viral hepatitis, HPV, HIV is lethal not.. lick beneath and look beyond..  oral sex is safer sex..

Grasp the buttocks and slowly go below.. 

Legs wide to awakens wildness....

Venture wholly to explore her vagina.. Kisses to the clitoris till the terminal thighs.

Speed not to wright a rhythm.. switch not to elevate the clitoris..

Lick whilst fingering to produce vaginal grand to lubricate for easy penetration.. 

Tongue Slowly for stimulation......

Vaginal fluid for ingestion..

Alkaline taste is hygienic...

Tongue tickle to aroused sensation..

Moaning to increase performance.... 

Oral sex is safer sex.....

Shave the vagina for a flawless oral sex variations.. Swat the tongue to the depth to drive the vulva to revolve till it squirt.....


Ezra Bature
Wednesday 14 September 2022


Women are costly commodity.. 

So costly to the common man.. 

But Affordable to the Affluent.. 

Women are currently moved by currency.....

They trade themselves for the currency..

To cure their current state of lack and high taste ...

And deem you surplus to requirements when you're sleazy.. 


Ezra Bature
Wednesday 14 September 2022


Romance is unlike the Roman Empire....

Who reigned and ruined our harmony......

Who sieged and seized our Community......

Who slaughtered and forced our women to slavery......

Who raped our soil with blood and chaos.....

Who ruled like gods and goddess... 

Romance rains moment of kisses and laughter..

With arms and warmth worthy of worship......

Without force but fondle that leads to amatory

Romance is done everywhere!!. In the road or room with roses, which aroused Faded feelings to glow in glory..


Ezra Bature
Thursday 30 June 2022

Dying will to wield a change

Politicians living in luxury loading their luggage with public funds.. Funding their children needs abroad.. 

Here is the poor masses in the streets clamouring for a better leader without a PVC...

Pointing fingers with an empty stomach..

Here is the students slack off without studies, a sudden strike stoke down their speed, they remain home without a call off..

Here is the market women lamenting for the plights of the forthcoming generations.. For all they see is negativity..

There you're claiming rapper with your wack lines wrapping your weeds without the will to wield  a change chanting vote doesn't count..


Ezra Bature
Thursday 16 June 2022

Battle with impurity

I forged a fistful lance for my battle.

I shield and fortified my faith whilst I forced my feeble to fracture..

My lance punctured my adversaries to fall..

I forbid fornication and forget my rankle..

I form a fortress of chastity and remain taintless.. 

I extinct fornication and pray for purity..


Ezra Bature
Thursday 16 June 2022

Waist Bead Lover

Hey I'm not obsessed, that's not evil..

your mind is just full of evil that you can't see beauty in handmade.. 

Don't criticize, just look at your woman's waist without a waistband that's a waste of waist..

Buy her "Waist Bead", Let her glow while you stare with sensation... 

Let the vim of the waist bead vanquish the spirit of dysfunction and make you a Gladiator in the house of Pontus.. 

Let you enter the arena and battle while holding your lance like Bacca..

Let the sound of the waist bead summon the spirit of satisfaction... 

Let you be bewitched by the waist bead and have a well module immune system


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 8 March 2022

Lullaby to Princess

Tick tock, tick tock the night is here 

Tick tock, tick tock time to sleep, 

watched Tom and Jerry no more, 

the television is off,  go to bed..

Sleep sleep don't be sober...

your soul is already saved,

for the saviour surround you..

Walk to your world of fantasy..

slowly slowly like a silky silver..

close your eyes for Valhalla is only for Vikings, 

Horror's hover so I hide you in my hood, vampires vanished, no witches or nightmare, 

A long night for you, 

A night of comeliness 

Without night terror 

for you're glittery..

A psalmist & ballet 

Just like King David,

So I sing for you..

And sign you to the Saviour's realm 

My verse with a tuneful voice,

My hands fondle you to sleep,

For you're princess, just like princess Marina of king Elliot.... 


Ezra Bature
Sunday 6 March 2022

Collaborate to Succeed

Don't create competition,

Create collaboration,

Collaborate to celebrate, 

Celebrate copious currency, 

To correct your current circumstances..

Completely cease competition..

Cuss your contempt..

Its contaminate!!.

Its Crippled and crumple your credibility 

Cultivate collaboration,

Constantly Connect & converse,

Certainly, the crowd will crown you

         & call to congratulate you..


Ezra Bature
Sunday 6 February 2022

Nigerian Politician

Politician proposes change, 

They Campaign with fallacy, 

Promises without prosecution..

exclamation  to incite obedience..

Masses Match out in March to 

Stimulate election like the Savior 

of the poor is here, a new dawn 

With hope.. 

Believe to beloved, election is here, 

Party first before quality..

Tribalism thrive....

Regionalism is the criteria...

corruption irrupts.. 

The elect select only but with nepotism...

Politician con for profuse luxury, 

Poverty they proffer..

Community turn to desert 

Poor aging without gain 

They decompose with their hopes..

Hope hold,  tomorrow will be better 

but bitter tomorrow is all we see..

Graduate gradually turning to fraudsters, 

Quick money is the aim.. 

Street without ventilation, 

Community without communion,

The sons and daughters of the elite living large without lack in Lake Como..

Here we are occupant without occupation..

The next election is coming.. 

Voters without a voters card,

Successor already known.

Politician lie to live...


Ezra Bature
Wednesday 2 February 2022

Satan's Chronicle

Lucifer is his name, Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty..

Dazzled with brightness like a burnished gold..Holy and undefiled, he was first of the covering cherubs, precious and magnificent. 

Stood beside the great creator.. 

Almighty God rested upon him..

Honored above the Heavenly host,

Not content with his position, 

Disposition and dissatisfaction, 

Clouded with envy and self exaltation.


          The light bearer,

           throne attendant 

           Shearer of God's glory

           became Satan.. 

           Indulge in rebellion

           and cast out in Heavens.

Satan's enmity found a new field, 

He plotted the ruin of human race 

Great is his power of deceit..

cloaked in falsehood 

perfect in disguise..

incite disobedience..

He infused the guilt and penalty of sin         Man fall.!

        Life in toil 

       Cursed of sin

       Deception employed..

       Satan flattery and ensnare

For followers he seek, to settle in eternal Hellfire in anguished and torment, ceaseless gnashing of teeth with endless suffering..



Ezra Bature
Monday 31 January 2022

Barrenness to Adoration

Orphanage home is her home.. 

Dedication with commitment

Modesty and submissiveness 

God first before another..

Harmonious with pureness 

Ruth is her name,for she's compassionate 

Married to the kingdom works...

for she set sight to win the race..

Here comes love at first sight,

Love rapture!!..

Relationship to courtship..

Courtship to the altar..

Oath taken... (For better or worse)

Happily married..

2 years without progeny, 

7 years down the lane with no offspring 

Her plights..


Family Pressurized!!

Society criticised!!..

People Murmured and mumble... 

Assumption without affirmation..

So they said... 

Her womb is damaged..

She abort severally so now is her curse..

She clamor and lament, 

for barrenness hunt down her good works and taunt her morality..

her virtuousness vent..

She asked without an answer..

Silent with no results..

God why?? Is her everyday question...

Finally her question turn to adoration 

Blessed year yielded result..

Yoke broken..  Barrenness banned.

Pregnancy to conception...

So Ruth fellowship and wrote..

Faithful God finally fulfilled..

Delay but not denied....

Her tears is wiped away 

So she rejoice and name her child Rejoice..


Ezra Bature
Saturday 22 January 2022

Sinful Imagination II

Demonic spirit possessed my mind,

I pray for a blessings but get a breast, 

I take a clear view to free my mind, 

Then!! Here comes the long awaiting lady Waiting to be pound.. I took a side view and fantasize her bareness as she send an eyes contact with a signal of approval 

I undressed her quickly, nudity bare with brilliancy and beauty..

nipples long like needle, 

I suckle and tickle,

Nipple size increases 

Her breasts elate with joy,  

Wiggle and dangle..

My hand loosely caress..

One hand caress her clapping buttocks I go gentle to and fro beneath the sweetest hole.. her hands holds and rob my testicle.. Tongue kisses deep.. tongue beneath.. Clitoris licked, excitement aroused..

A Hot hole tunnel wet...

she loose!..Heartbeat fast!!.Breath cease..Legs wide open..

She moan aloud for my erection to deep into her depth.. Perfect adjustment, slowly I penetrate deeper, she give me a good atmosphere, with variation and a tighter sensation, deep and slow, pull out her ass up and down for a good penetrative action..

 After a sweet missionary, with pleasure and satisfaction, she wrapped her lips and suck me gently, deep throat, she tickled my balls and testicle.. I moan aloud!!..

She enhanced me as i go over and over with variations, she adjust perfectly, submissively, wider, harder i hit her behind with a fantastic view, orgasm reached as we lay down in glory 

Alas!! I was dispossessed and i realized it was all but a fantasy, fallacy and a SINFUL IMAGINATION 


Ezra Bature
Thursday 20 January 2022

My Story of Southern Kaduna

Southern Kaduna bleed,

The sad Reality with Lamentation, 

Months with mockery 

Philanderer is second to non,

Men follow slim skimpy skirts

Rather than skills acquisition,

Graduate drink to stupor, 

Children smoke weeds and burn their dreams to ashes..

The Sad Reality with Lamentation...

Retired civil servant turn to excessive drunkard, beer parlor becomes their base.. young ladies trade their bodies for fish..they fished for the bills to pay..their right sold out like a salt, very cheap without a taste..

The Sad Reality with Lamentation..

Cultures forgotten.

Our tribes is unknown beyond, 

One language to the North, 

Others are land occupied, 

The Sad Reality With Lamentation...

Children grow up with different norms, they desire sexual Satisfaction and forget spiritual salvation..

Scholars scurrilous...

Institution to destitution...

Homes to homicide.

Villages insecured....

The Sad Reality with Lamentation..

The high profile dumb, their wealth is for family consumption...societal needs forgotten, luxuries display conspicuously..Selflessness found not....tribes divided in conflict without harmony. Our communities remain slavish...

The Sad Reality with Lamentation..

Mindset still remain thesame, 

What's your tribe?.

Where are you from?..Is the first question before a conversation...

Hypocritically religious, wicked and darkened mind with impurity.

No marriage amongst the different tribes, conflict ravaged. Slavish we remain without harmony.

My Southern Kaduna Story.


Ezra Bature
Wednesday 19 January 2022

My Story of Northern Nigeria

My Story of Nigeria.... 

Inflation rate high 

Regionalism become noxious 

Life's expensive in the South

Ritualist in the East  

Fraudsters in the West 

Poverty in the North 

My Story of the North... 

Bandit and kidnappers on the highway,

No free road to ride without a raid, 

Demand for ransom,

Only with currency,

People's clamored,

government worldless 

Media houses turn to medium of segregation,

Social media turn to social division..

My story of North.....

Life without liberty 

Sleepless nights to the masses 

Gunshot gunned down my neighbor 

People becomes prey without prayers

Everyday promises from the army

Solution cease from existence 

My Story of North...

Attack to kidnap 

Community slaughtered

Blood spill out 

Many become homeless 

Live lost!! 

Job to jobless

Youth traveled beyond the region, 

For a greener pastures...

While the region's pastures is parched...

My Story of North 

Bloodshed is an everyday affairs, 

Everyday Newspapers news saddened..

Attack on the masses, 

Houses burn down to ashes 

Mass burial in the community 

Wives becomes widows 

Children becomes orphans

My Story of North 

Only few with a voice 

Many voice become voiceless 

Youth resort to drugs, 

Ladies to prostitution..

Parents create  hostility within...

Majority dominance, minorities impotence..

Minority tribes divided

No love but hate..



Ezra Bature
Tuesday 18 January 2022

Afterlife in Anguished

Morning meditation 

With mission and vision 

To understand nature 

And Nurtured my being,

Morning breeze blew

My mind to surmised 

Darkened, smudged, 

Blurred to the darkness realm,

Merciful Messiah turn merciless..

Cursed the sinful souls..

Deep to the depth of hell, 

Anguished and torment 

gnashing of teeth without tears 

Extreme agony..

Ceaseless clamor..

Solace straggled..

Scorched and sting..

With venom without remedy....



Dead cease to exist...

Soundless but still called....



Messiah is merciless to the sinful soul..

The Pit pitiless, devil's damned...

Suffering without solution 

Unbearable pains without end.. 

Afterlife in anguished....


Ezra Bature
Monday 17 January 2022

Marital Gift Snatched

Monica is her name 

She was mould in modesty

Meek to her motherland..

More matured than nature 

Monica motile with sensation..

Mood to the moon

With money inherited

Majestic and colorful 

Mystical in her morality

Merrymake and smart 

Model status

Melodious voice 



Murderous monday morning

Monica mood turn muddy 

Messy and mournful 

Motherhood engulfed 

For she was molested, 

rape, deflowered, cheated 

and battered.. 


Wicked world 

Life's unfair 

Hatred to humanity 

Marital gift snatched 

Pregnant to unknown 

Monica mourn..


Ezra Bature
Monday 17 January 2022

My Love Story

Love hurts

Life lost 

Feelings fade 

Heart shattered 

Hope battered 

Plans crumble

Time wasted 

Bliss robbed 

Lies lies lies

My love story....

Flattered fallacy

Fortune flustered 

Eyes blindfolded 

Distance stand 

Mouth mumbles

Trust thrashed 

Heart broken

Heart hated

Tears dripping

Scar surrounded..

Lies lies lies 

My love story 

Tomorrow's smudged 

Euphoria to dysphoria 

Moaning softly to mourning loudly 

Best to beast 

Diamond to demon 

Love to lost 

Lost to lust 

Lord to leud 

Lies lies lies 

My love story...

Comfort to comfortless 

Mercy to merciless 

Memories to madness 

Merry to messy 

Date died

Love lied




My love stories....


Ezra Bature
Monday 17 January 2022


Wiggle and jiggle 

Wiggle and jiggle 

bareness for breakfast 

Breast in bareness 

Dangle in nudeness...

Beneath pureness  

Foreplay to stupor 

Eyes rudeness, 

Pintle heartless 

Poontang sweetness 

Perfectness in missionary 

Moanful and whispers 

Submissiveness with gladness 

Nipples like needle

Suckle and tickle 

Tongue licking 

With stimulation and passion....

Sacrificed With satisfaction 

Sinless sinned!

Sacrilege but satisfied

Sacrifice the gift of marriage to merry....


Ezra Bature
Friday 14 January 2022

Sinful Imagination

Love cursed, lust cured. She tempt me severally, Misled me countlessly, She called me to her garment of sin, as she undressed, i look her innocently, she longed to be demonic in the sexual sphere, Tantric starts, sex prolonged.. my hands caress her clapping buttocks, her sleepary breasts elate with joy, underneath massage increase her nipples size, squirting triggered, she maon aloud for my erection to deep the hole till i find her depth, Her salty sweat dip my lips... She glow in glory waiting to be pounded with honour, She loose,

heart beat fast,

breath cease, My hands tickle her nipples gently, tongue lick beneath her wet hole, her hands rub my hair, her legs wide open, hot tunnel deep, i penetrate deeper, she give me a good atmosphere, with variation and tighter sensation, deep and slow, pull out ass up and down for a good penetrative action.. After a sweet missionary, with pleasure and satisfaction, she wrap her lips and suck me gently, she tickle my balls and testicle.. She enhanced me as i go over and over with variations, she adjust perfectly, submissively, wider, harder i hit her behind with a fantastic view.. Alas!! The morning breeze blew my mind and i realized it was all a fantasy, fallacy and a sinful imagination..


Ezra Bature
Friday 14 January 2022


Wear not the garment of lack, Wear not the garment of debt, Wear not the garment of poverty, Prioritised your business. Look for money, Money is a necessity, Money is happiness, Money is respect, Be money oriented, Thy earthly life resolves around money, Believe not the motivational speakers, they speak fallacy, prevarication and lead many to the realm of poverty.. Chase more money, don't stop!! Let thy wealth be supernumerary, Make thyself known by thy wealth, let thy wealth be ponderous.. Money is the root of evil they said, let me be evil in the forest of the devil and chew the wealth with the devil, let the realm of wealth call me Daddy....


Ezra Bature
Friday 14 January 2022

The Fall of Man

Created in the garden of Eden, Beautiful beyond words, Innocent, guiltless, blameless, sinless and pure, Created in the image of Him, a friend and a companion, With liberty and dominion over all creatures, A woman was ribbed out of him, gorgeous and pretty, blindfold eyes for the truth is hidden, naked they walked unknowingly, happy and sinless, The Lord has bestowed all but one was prohibited, "the forbidden fruit", the test of obedience, If disregard would incur the guilt of transgression, a careful warning and instructions fit impart, Disguise well adpated for his purpose, the medium of the fallen foe, the wisest and beautiful creature with wings, dazzling brightness with brillancy and burnished gold, a creature to arrest attention and delight the eyes, "the Serpent"!! The delicious fruit caught the attention of the tempter, thou shall not die he said, but thou shall be exalted in the sphere of existence, your knowledge shall be broaden like the creator, Satan through his medium excite a spirit of curiosity, to penetrate the secret of divine wisdom and Power of the Almighty, Man taste the forbidden, and know the unknown, eyes open! naked they realized, hidden truth divulge, His righteous path now lead to degradation and death, to enjoy a greater liberty now emanate to greater curse, hardships and agony.. An outcast from Heaven, with sin and infinite loss, has concealed man to his position, a dangerous deceiver, leading life to eternal ruin, Sinless soul to sin, Blameless soul to blame, and the penalty is death, Out of mercy and grace, man will not be condemn for he conscientiously believe in fallacy.. The fallen man


Ezra Bature
Friday 14 January 2022


The clarion call i obey, i was called to serve my fatherland, to experience a different cultures, norms, beliefs, ideologies to see and feel a different region.. Days gone by, months gone by, i understand the people's clamour, their unimaginable unbearable hardships, The weather is cruel and harsh, it stings like a scorpion bite, The sun is hot it hits deep into the depth of my skull.. Breeze ceased, Sweat dropping, Water is expensive, Life is expensive too, Tribalism is venomous, Segregation is disastrous, The leaders are heartless, they show favoritism, regionalism and expect obedience, harmony and peaceful co-existence from the masses... One Nigeria they said, i bet that's only on paper.. Our leaders enjoy luxury, the poor masses are chaotic, A layman prioritised family problems rather than societal change.. A bad orientation leads to misunderstanding, the three majorities are considered while the minorities are at bay.. Our country is in turmoil, herdsmen stories on the newspapers front pages, their settlement burned down to ashes, Farmers ambushed and killed.. Life lost.. No peace within! Our leaders ain't planning for a better tomorrow but for tomorrow's election, several years down the line our stories still remain the same.. My fatherland was my pride now my dissapointment, So many graduates unemployed, the jobs are reserved for the sons and daughters of the elite.. The street is filled up with crimes... I exclaimed!! Who will bring back harmony to our dying nation??...


Ezra Bature
Friday 14 January 2022

We are Journalists

We're the watchdogs of the government The voice to the voiceless The hope to the hopeless The way to your salvation The path to your righteousness The key to your pathway We're journalists! We keep you entertain We communicate to the president the people's plight We investigate the activities of corrupt leaders and make it known.. We risked our lives in the war front to cover stories We don't collect gratification One microphone changes the heterogeneous dispersed audiences view We're journalists! We make known the unknown We visualised for your eyes to see So many work behind the camera we actualised We give justice to the unjust We avoid segregation We give orientation We make many fame Their names heard beyond the universe Our content is a guide for all to follow We solve the unsolved We're wide! We breached the language barrier We make complex words simple for the layman We provide platforms for your potential You just imagine a world without communication Radio television and social media... You just imagine


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 9 February 2021

I'll go and talk to the President

I'll go to the president and tell him about the people's plight,

I'll go to the president and tell him about the ambushed and killing of farmers, I'll go to the president and talk to him about the herdsmen and their settlement,

I'll go to the president and remind him about his unfulfilled promises, I'll go to the president and tell him about the masses hardship, agony, anguished and plea.

I'll go to the president and remind him about the enormous natural resources the country is blessed with, I'll go to the politicians and remind them of yesterday promises not tomorrow's election,

I'll go to the house of representatives to remind them of people's plea to represent them well..

I'll go to the house of corrupt leaders and tell them about the Messiah who gives them power to govern in truth not to be the ambassadors of corruption.. I'll go to the universe and beyond and tell all about the greed of men in Power,
I'll go to the president and tell him about the high rate of unemployment, crimes, segregation, tribalism, favouritism, religious differences, nepotism, regionalism and people's clamour for change.. I'll go and tell him these and more..


Ezra Bature
Tuesday 9 February 2021

Messiah's coming

The sky is cloudy,

thunderous sound terrified with lightening, clueless people derping outside with rainshade,

the rumble is hostile,

rainbow bow in terror,

The universe affright

Houses swamp,

Temblor shake our terrestrial Pregnant woman distress,

grave open, the death rise, endless chaos on earth, the gate of Heavens open.. Errand-ghost arriving with their white garments, they blindfold sinners and send them to eternal anguish.

The Messiah is coming!

Salvation to believers,

the realm of Heavens is silent,

few are chosen and many in anguish

Lord! Lord!!, the sinners called, the Lord answered not, they gnash their teeth in torment, dying soul die not,

Mercy! Mercy!!, they called, the Messiah is merciless, Now!.. the blameless soul rejoice with the Messiah and receive the crown of glory.....

Jehovah! Jehovah!! the sinless soul praise his name...




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