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Biography: Creative poem writer, inspired by my emotions...

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Favour Joseph
Monday 11 April 2022


Mirror Mirror [|]

Show me my reflection, my true colors 

Tell me exactly what I am 

Staring at my reflection, am I truly what I am...

Am I truly the hope the world needs  you say I am the future of tomorrow but my voice is silent to you, I am held by the chains that pulls me back I am held by the chains you put on me, I stare at my reflection and all I see is agony, I am tormented by my fears I am struggling to break free when I stare at my reflection all I see are the tears my eyes releases, my voice being shut by the hands of the wicked...                                                     When I stare at my reflection my white cloak stained with blood, my feet in shackles I am restricted from moving forward I am confined at a spot, not knowing who exactly I am...


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