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Favour Joseph
Thursday 28 April 2022


The past, so cold and dark;           
         Still hearing the voices echoes still calling me back;           
                            holding on, they say is vicious but yet I dig in deeper and slowly but greatly I remain;

The past, so corrupt and sweet     
       reminiscing greatly of it;         
               held by the ropes; 
holding on to the only desire I need,
but yet still living buried underneath my time that was wasted;

The past, so painful but I choose to remember;                                                my head suddenly hurts from it all;     
Oh! how time flies but stops for no one, not even its master;                 
      it drags the reason in life and the mystery that unravels it all;

The past, And all the memories that comes with it;                                            The sweet Joy and painful truth;           
The regrets that comes with its many questions;                                                  They say only the Creator owns the key to change it all, but yet we remain unchanged because we only become strangers yet again to our Emotions;

The past, the one that I once lived, has suddenly become my worst nightmare;                                                 Reckoning on the decisions that once held me back;             
                              but yet how can I run away from what I once loved;                           
                  it hunts me down and I accept that this is the retribution for my past action!     

The past, I live in the prison of my own mind;                                                  There's no escape from it all;                 it's memory only becomes brighter and clearer;                         
                     The past has become my mind's tormentor and I have no escape from it all!


Favour Joseph
Monday 11 April 2022

Mirror mirror [lll]

Mirror Mirror

Tell me who I am ARE WE ALL BROKEN

Because a nation is falling and everybody is aware of it, does no one have a solution to this calamity ? Is this truly who we are meant to be? I stare at myself and i see the walls breaking apart, we stand divided because we are Ignorant about the power of unity... Gradually we have become slaves to war and our new wine is the blood that is being wasted on dry land... How can tomorrow be certain when our today is undetermined promises made are being unfulfilled we say we rise but in reality we fall... You say we are strong but in reality we are weak don't tell me what i want to hear but do what you said you will do and together let's stand tall... I stare at myself and all I see is the corrupt mind of the great the selfishness to have more, the negligence that cause rift between the young and the old between the mighty and the weak... I stare at myself all I see are strive for survival, the poor becoming poorer and the richer becoming richer... I see starvation and death having no mercy on the weak and suddenly my mirror breaks because what is broken can never be fixed, we are broken...


Mirror Mirror 

Then tell me is this who I really am? 


Favour Joseph
Monday 11 April 2022

Mirror mirror [ll]

Mirror Mirror  

Show me my true self !

Or am I entitled to this life how else can I lead, if I can't move from my position... I stare at my reflection and all I see are the brokenness I feel, still trying to break free from my tormentors every race I run I end up at a particular spot, not knowing if i would have another opportunity, I never choose this life, I found myself here and I am struggling to run from it... When i stare at my reflection I see no tomorrow, because darkness covers the path and tomorrow is uncertain ! When I stare at my reflection all I hear are screams from my past holding me back... Unsure of who I want to be I can't really say because impossible has become a new anthem. Holding a flag stained and soaked I fall down on my knees in the pains of the aftermath, all I see is the impending doom coming closer... I am still confined and can't move, My voices still yet remain silent because even if I speak no one will hear. I stare at my reflection and realize I am caught up in a dilemma between standing for what I know or giving up and gradually it is draining me because the future I know and I want is being threatened


Favour Joseph
Monday 11 April 2022


Mirror Mirror [|]

Show me my reflection, my true colors 

Tell me exactly what I am 

Staring at my reflection, am I truly what I am...

Am I truly the hope the world needs  you say I am the future of tomorrow but my voice is silent to you, I am held by the chains that pulls me back I am held by the chains you put on me, I stare at my reflection and all I see is agony, I am tormented by my fears I am struggling to break free when I stare at my reflection all I see are the tears my eyes releases, my voice being shut by the hands of the wicked...                                                     When I stare at my reflection my white cloak stained with blood, my feet in shackles I am restricted from moving forward I am confined at a spot, not knowing who exactly I am...


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