Olamide Odediran

Biography: I am a poet with the pen name Uniqueeunice,am also a model who likes reading and writing.

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Olamide Odediran
Friday 18 June 2021


One by one

Bit by bit

The dark haired girl

Shed off the piece of clothings on her

Fingering the last piece

a sweet smile hovered on her face

I remember vividly 

How careful she choose us

Her garment of pride

Today being her wedding day

she wants those prized clothings

Next to her skin

For ages i've been with her

she treasure me

Her depository of memories

Being a mere scarf

I underestimate myself

But she value me

Her childhood companion 

Standing alone,i might be insignificant 

But when assembled with other clothings

I make statement 

Meeting for the first time

It was love at first Sight

Graduating from High School,She held me with pride

Nervous at exams,she fidget with me

Best Graduating student at College

She walked with me around her neck with poise

She showered me with love

letting me know what a piece of cloth can be

Clothes can be source of identity 

Peculiar to some races and Culture

We can be cozy and comfortable 

Clothes can be emporium 

Relishing old memories

Fabrics can be layered

to make fashion statement

Specific clothes defines  profession

Clothes are art

We define personality.




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