Olamide Odediran

Biography: I am a poet with the pen name Uniqueeunice,am also a model who likes reading and writing.

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Olamide Odediran
Monday 24 May 2021


I hear a soft hum of buzz near me

opening my eyes lazily to check

Behold,all I see is darknes

Straining my eyes to see

Not a thing can I perceive

Fearfully I wanted to run

But not a move I can make

Stretching to free myself

Then it dawned am in a cave

Enclosed alone in a cave with my deeds

Terrified I shouted for help

But no help forthcoming 

I heard so audibly 

My deeds mocking me

Saying it is too late

Then I hear a voice

Recounting the life 

I've led so far

Exposing those secrets

which I thought are safely tucked away

Slowly my mind drifted back

To the atrocities i committed 

While I enjoyed life

To the Sinful way

I carried myself around

I remembered last night

Merrily and happily celebrating with my friends 

But why am I in this grave-like cave alone?

Where are my friends?

Where am I?

Then i heard the voice again

Bringing me back from my reverie

Saying where i am today

Is the product of my deeds

Because I've always been agent of darkness.

Am I dead?

Is this my end?

Where am i?

These are the questions churning

And burning inside me

Squinting my eyes

I see a tiny dot of light

Which raises a new hope in me

Then i shouted for help

Till i passed out

Opening my eyes slowly

I perceived a familiar settings 

Surprised,I opened my eyes widely

Images of my room blinded me

But am afraid to shut my eyes again

Questions flooded my mind

What just happened ?

Is that a dream?

It is frightful 

Am i dead or alive?

Dead or alive,i can't tell

But the mocking of my deeds

Still rings in my head

Overwhelmed by the shame

I vowed to strive for change.




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