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Victor Isaiah
Saturday 13 October 2018

Ours to Fare, not to Fear

Ours to feel the monstrous desire,
Framed on our frail hearts as we aspire
For whence, it flows we can tell not,
And through passages of our soul ,it makes hot.

Ours to tender, not to tamper
The vulnerable nous of feminism,
The hearts', her guardian
through the tempests of sea's.
And her eyes, a thrust in a virile spirit.

Ours to fare, not to drown
In that water of affections,
As we sail through storms of passion.

Ours to be an heartthrob, not a turbulence
Making the heart a zoar for soulmates,
Ours to love, not to hate,
Ours to fare well, not to strive.

© Victar Da'Poet ✒️


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